Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE and BAT VK-75SE

Wondering if anyone has tried this combination? I have the BAT VK 50SE pre, a Wadia 301 CDP, and a REL Strata III sub and now I am shopping for an amp. I'm wondering if the BAT VK75SE will have enough power for the inefficient Dyns, and any impressions of this combination. My current listening room is small...about 13x15x8.

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I also have 1.3SE and Wadia 301 that I run directly into Classe CAM-200 monoblocks. Sounds terrific. Probably it does not help you much though.
I don't use the sub. How do you find the combination of Dynaudio and REL? I tried the Strata before I had decent electronics and was not impressed. My room is about the same size and the bass clarity was a problem.


Yes, my room is very bass handicapped. I switched to the Dyns from floor standers to help with the problem. I bought the REL mainly for HT, but it was also highly suggested by the sales guy to run in stereo. To be honest, the Dyns have very impressive bass on their own - my impression is the REL does add some nice bass information but in my listening room I feel it comes at the expense of overall clarity and resolution. I must admit that I have not got the REL set up as optimally as possible. Since I'm moving away from serious HT I'm debating whether I should sell it. I also just bought a pair of Wilson Benesch ARCs (I listened to some when I was auditioning BAT amps and was VERY impressed) and I'm anxious to compare them to the Dyns. Word on the street is they are Dyn killers...we'll see! I should receive them on Friday and will post my impressions if you are interested. I'll be running them with a BAT VK-50SE, BAT VK-75 and the Wadia 301.

Cheers, Deryk

although I am not familiar with ARCs, I would like to know who can beat my precious Dynaudios. By the way, since I cannot put the speakers very far from the back wall, I always have the ports plugged. This helps to improve the bass clarity tremendously.

What are your feelings about the Wadia 301?

So far the ARCs sound very nice in my system. My first impression of them is that the mids are a bit more transparent and immediate. Very large sound stage and wonderful imaging. The Dyns sound a bit "laid back" for lack of a better description...they seem less engaging to me when listening to female vocals, acoustic guitar, etc. I've got the Dyns about 4 feet from the back wall so I removed the port plug. The Dyns do have a deeper and more authoritative bass than the WBs. I've been told that biwiring the WBs will add some bass. Again, these are just my first impressions...I'm looking forward to some extended listening time.

I really like the Wadia...and feel I got a good deal on it here on Audiogon. My previous source was a NAD DVD player so there is really no comparison to be made. It sounds very sweet and musical, yet articulate and precise. It's very engaging. Of course I'm contemplating the Great Northern upgrades...