Dynaudio Cont.S5.4, Vienna A.Strauss or La Folia

I am looking for a speaker that won´t give me ear fatigue and are dynamic, involving and likes to be played loudly. My living room is 215 ft2.

In your list - Dynaudio would be my preference by far. You should also look into PMC speakers - like ATC they are very dynamic but are tonally less forward in the mids and could be just what you are looking for.
Thanks man

I have booked 3h on Saturday to listen to Dynaudio :)
I agree DYNAUDIO S5.4's. I am slightly biased for I do own a pair of C1's. Never heard the La Folia but there is no comparision with the vienna's. A little more forward and more dynamic and better/bigger soundstage. Both are non-fatiguing but I personally like the dyn sound much more. A little more detail and speed with the dyn's too.
great info! I am getting the 5.4 for around $4200 are they worth it?

Excellent price...I replaced S3.4s with S5.4s and love them. I am quite sensitive to the "presence" region frequency band, (~1 kHz-3.5 kHz) and I can not tolerate forward sound here. The dyns are remarkable in the detail retreival, midrange expression, and forgiveness. 4200 is alot of speaker for the money. Go for it!!
List price today is 10,000.00 and add 20% to that for a premium finish.
Dpac996: Can I ask you what kind of amplification you have for your speakers?

Thanks for the input guys, If I like what I hear on Saturday, then they will be mine.
I just heard the Dynaudio S5.4 with an Tandberg 2x100w amplifier and a very expensive accuphase CD-player.

I was not that impressed :/ The sound was kinda cold but very resolving. I did not really get involved in the music.
"The sound was kinda cold but very resolving".

Were you hearing the electronics? "Very resolving" is, or at least can be, one of the most rewarding aspects of a speaker, so long as it is not just an 'apparent' resolution created by an up-tilted upper mid/high FR as it so often is.

Have you considered other sources and amps?
Newbee: I am not sure man, if I was hearing the electronics or not. I cant audition them with other electronics since this was a private seller and he has already another potential buyer. But I was not that impressed what I was presented with, maybe better electronics would have changed my mind. I will continue my search.

Next speaker is Silverline Audio La Folia
Don't give up too easily on the 5.4's. They will convey whatever signal is sent to them, whether it be warm or analytical and cold. Transparency to the source is one of their best features. Having lived with them happily for three years, my system has grown around these qualities, to a point where it has afforded me long term satisfaction I always thought would elude me in the past, but not any more.
I would try to hear them with different components, if at all possible.
I would look into Dali Helicon 400MK IIs. They're less expensive and a more liguid,rich presentation. Make sure they're the MKIIs.
Akatora, pretty much 100% sure (!) it was the Tanberg amp you were 'hearing'. these speakers require alot of power to get the best of them. I am currently using a Plinius SA102, but think a Pass x250.5 is what they really need.
Good luck
I'd vote for the Strauss with Rowland electronics. This is a great combination with tons of musicality and transparency. Most of the VA speakers demand a relatively strong amp to show their best.

The Tandberg piece does not have the current to drive the 5.4's approprately, this is the reason why they cold but give them enough current and there won't be any issue. The Esotar2 tweeter is incredibly detailed and does not create any listening fatigue but also does not suffer from the break up at high frequency like many soft domes remaining thus distortion free.
I believe that the Dynaudio is already sold so....but this is something that is kinda sad, since when audiotioning a speaker which are badly matched you will not see the speakers potential.

My quest continues....