dynaudio consequence suspension rings for woofers

the rubber suspension rings for the woofers in my dynaudio consequence speakers have disintegrated. dynaudio does not sell the rings, but would be pleased to sell me new woofers at $1000 x 4 (2 per speaker) plus installation.

has anyone run into this problem and used a 3rd party suspension ring? any tips or leads?


I assume you are talking about the woofer surrounds. As far as I know, they are replaceable on most speakers. You could try contacting the folks at Speakerex, they sell surround replacement kits for most major manufacturers, and also service them. They are in Florida, just Google them.

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Jon, I did some further checking, and found something that may be worth looking into. Look up Bill Legall at Millersound. He's recommended by Madisound for Dynaudio, and services their woofers.

Contact number: (215) 412-7700


The reform kits for the DynAudio 30W100 is readily available on eBay 


And second Bill at Miller Sound - expert service

Best of luck