Dynaudio Confidence Platinum

Anyone had chance to see those live? Just visited Dyn site and i must say allthough look is the last in my book these babys IMO looks STUNNING...a bit modernised styling of Confidence models...if i understand good its just visual makeup (maybe someone knows if they made further meaningful sound refinement) but that makes me to think why they simply diddnt made C4 Platinums instead of Signatures and leave C4 2s look like more conservative C4s of first generation...i guess someone in Dyn marketing knows his job...
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The change is cosmetic only. I think that there will be more options in veneers available in gloss finish but the speakers are the same as the MkII's/Signatures.
So they painted the metal faceplates black,and called it the platinum series. I wonder if the pricing is higher as well. LOL
I have the first pair of C4 Platinums in the US.

I received a pair of Confidence C4's Signatures late December 2013. When we uncrated one of them, it was damaged in shipping. A crack in the bottom of the box. I was told they would be replaced within a couple weeks. One week later I got a call from my dealer telling me that they were coming out with the Platinum line and were showing them off at the Las Vegas CES and I would get that pair. I received them 3 weeks ago. Of course I asked a few questions of the difference. The answers are :

Just the cosmetic change in celebration of their Evidence Platinum series.
Same innards as the Signature.
Same 10 year warranty.
Same price.
Oh and the hardwood protectors are black and not silver.

I did get to hang on to the Signatures for the last 3 weeks too. Best surround sound ever. LoL.
Dynaudio and my dealer have been over the top in dealing with me.