Dynaudio Confidence II and Signature - Differences

I was looking at the Dynaudio Confidence C2 on the Dynaudio webpage. The Confidence Signature models as described as follows:-

The Confidence Signature models are exclusively available in dark-brown Mocca or dark-red Bordeaux realwood finished with high gloss piano lacquer and proudly feature an aluminium backplate plate adorned with the signature of Dynaudio's founder and sole owner, Wilfried Ehrenholz.

Is that it? Are the Confidence II and Signature models basically the same speakers, sharing the same technology and drivers, and the differences are only in the finish and aluminium backplate found in the Signature?

Any advice appreciated.
I was of the understanding that the drivers are different and the signatures carry a longer warranty period. Are you moving away from your Harbeth SHL 5's?
Besides the finish the Signatures have a 10 yr warranty instead of 5 yr. Otherwise they are the same.
Check out the website...quite e few changes and upgrades are involved plus the custom finishes:O) Not sure what the price difference is but it should sound demonstrably better!
The Confidence MKII's and the Signature version are mechanically identical, utilizing the latest updates to the tweeters and crossovers. The finish and warranty are really the only differences, the Sig is only available in the Mocca and Bordeaux and has a 10 year warranty whereas the MKII's are available in the standard wood veneers, Gloss Black and Gloss Rosewood. The two finishes for the Signature versions have Birds Eye Maple as the base veneers which when stained with either the Mocca or Bordeaux and covered in the multi coat gloss lacquer makes them very three dimensional.
Dave_b The changes are the differences between the original and the new MKII/Signatures. I upgraded from the original C1 to the Signatures (love the Mocha finish) and the main difference in sound is the MKII/Sig sound fantastic at all volume levels where the originals sound better as you turn them up. Otherwise electrically the only difference is a better crossover and upgrading the internal wiring up a notch in the Van Hul wire. Oh yeah they put a new doping on the tweeter cover.

Stricken I believe the gloss anything is not standard but a 10% upcharge. Standard is Rosewood - Black ash - Cherry and Maple.
You are correct, sorry I meant to say that but it didn't come across that way. The gloss lacquer can be had on any of the standard wood veneers for a 10% upcharge. Dynaudio will also do custom finishes on the MKII versions and the imagination is really the only limitation. Xti16, how is your V70SE doing? Speaking of custom finishes you should see the Wenge on Tyler's C4 MKII's!
Hey Stricken the V70SE is doing just great. No - I even tried to invite myself over to Tyler's a couple of times to see those and Xeo (along with his remodeling).