Dynaudio Confidence C4's vs. Sonus Faber Amati

Any personal thoughts on how these compare? Haven't heard Sonus Faber(where can I audition in Phoenix, AZ?) C4's sounded great. Listening tastes are primary music, secondary Home theater. Setup, Sunfire Theater Grand III, Sunfire Signature Amp, Pioneer DVD-47a. Planning on purchasing Integrated Amp/or pre-amp to specifically play music. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
I've only auditioned the Sonus once. It was at a dealer's showroom, so 'nuf said. However, I was not that impressed with them at all. They were very polite and warm sounding but never really let me "forget" and return me to the concert hall. Sorry!

The C4's were a different story. I heard them at the show in May and was quite pleased. Great sound stage...very detailed, yet had that "real" concert hall sound. Again, I heard them both at dealer and show.......but the C4 was the winner!

good luck.
I was deciding between C4 and Amati 5 months ago, went with Amati at the end. I have been a loyal Dynaudio customer (SF Electa Amator, Extrema, Merlin VSM, Dynaudio Confidence 5, and some others), but found the new C4's look to be too domestic unfriendly. C4 also does not have the bass rhythm and tonality of Amati, but I do think C4 is slightly more detailed and sounds more realistic. Both will play loud, both will be good investment for the next 10 years, and both will please their owners with fine music.

Dynaudio is not known for musical sound where Sonus Faber is usually some what "colored". I find Dynaudio to reproduce piano better than anything out there, even ribbon or electrostatic can't compete in this regard. But Sonus Faber has that magical ease when reproducing strings and voices. I am not into rock, so I can't comment on that.

Buy the one that makes you feel your money is well spend. I chose Amati because it makes my wife and me happy. Making myself happy is easy, but making both of us happy takes a lot more than just another good sounding box.
Semi, could you tell me the setup with your Amati's? Tube or solid state. I primarily listen to jazz vocals/instrumentals. Do you also have home theater integrated in your system?
No home theater in my 2-ch setup, just pure music. I used to have Pass X-350, but found matching with my pre-amp (SF Line 3SE) an issue. I like the SF Line 3SE so much I decided to sell the Pass X-350. I have no amp right now, but I have heard good words on BAT VK-75SE, Rowland 12, and other tube amps that match well with Amati. Many dealers like Amati with SS gears because of the speed of bass, Amati is capable of reproducing very fast and tuneful bass if you feed them current. So avoid low power SET and probalby some OTL.