Dynaudio Confidence C4

DO any of you have any idea whether the C4 can be driven by a 60watt triode amp? Specifically an ASL1009 845 push pull triode amp
I have the C2s and have lived with them for about two years I also heard the C4s, which sound about the same with the exception of the C4s go louder and have more slam. IMHO you will not hear what these speakers can do with just 60 watts PC. Big SS is the way to go.
For what's worth. I have 1009 845 amp driving JMlab DIVA utopias to satisfactory level and good dynamics. Divas is probably not as demanding load as c4. One day, I will hook it up to thiel 2.4 and see.
According to the manual of Dynaudio, it is said they cn be driven by lower powered amps due to the benign impedance load, meaning it doesn't dip below 4 ohms. Still, I am curious to hear from members who have lived with triode amps such as the 845.
I have C4s powered by 500W Mac monoblocks. Don't think that 60W would cut it. Suppose it depends how loud you listen, but I still think that 60W would be marginal at best.
I have heard the C4 driven by Ovtave 80 watt tube amplifier. If you play jazz, chamber music at a relatively low volume you get a nice sound. But if you try Beethoven, you immediately realise that some of the music is simply lost.
Does anybody think a 200W per channel Tube Amp will do the job ? For the C4s (or temptations) for that matter ?

Hi All,
I have Dynaudio Temptations driven by a Boulder 2060 stereo amp. FWIW, I also have C4's as surrounds, driven by a BAT 6200 multichannel amp. I don't think that tube amps, unless they are the Macs referenced above, the high-powered ARC's or VTL's, need apply for the job. The Dyn's love power, and come into their own when it's supplied.

David Shapiro
Bigger conrad johnson tube amps will probably do ok too. I'd try a "darker" sounding high powered SS design instead though. The cost of retubbing is just too much for this former tubeholic. another try might be a good tube preamp with a neutral sounding high powered SS design.
I have a pair of Mac MC2102, generating approx. 220-240W per channel into 4 ohm, should I even try.... ?

just get the cat jl2 with the 27 pound transformer. Probably best all around amp on the planet, and for the money,unbeatable!!!
I have my 3 week old C4's powered by a Rowland 112 amp and while I have thought about experimenting with tubes, I do also think these speakers will be at their best with big SS amps. I would like to try some JC-1 Halo mono's, as I think the Rowland may be a little underpowered to get the best out of the C4's bass.

I am also keen to hear what other longer term owners think.

BTW, I really love my C4's.