Dynaudio Confidence C2?

I would be interested in anyone opinions of the
Dynaudio Confidence 2 Loudspeaker.

Thanks, Tomer
I recently upgraded to the C2s. I previously used the Dyn Special 25s. I am very happy with the sound, what strikes me the most is the top to bottom coherency, no single part of the audible spectrum seems to stand out. They have nice extended highs, and they actually hold their own in the bass department considering the driver compliment. I can listen for hours with no fatigue.

I am using them in a small room (12 x 13 x 9) with the following associated equipment:

Lexicon MC12B
Denon 5900
PS Audio statement XLR IC, statement speaker wire

You are not getting cold feet or second thoughts on those C2's are you ???