Dynaudio Confidence C1 vs Dali Helicon400mk2 25LE

Good day to everyone - please tell me your opinions - about this speakers..
They're both winners. The Dali may be a smidge warmer, but truthfully they are both excellent imagers and presenters of music. I've heard both and almost bought a pair of the 400s. The one caveat is that they need a fairly large room to be their best.
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Who else will express their point of view ?
I haven't heard the Dali's but I did own original C1 and C1 Signatures. The originals will play a bit louder but that said they sound the best when played LOUD. The MKII/Sig/Platinum sound better at lower listening volumes. The Dyn C1 is a world class speaker. If you do decide on the Dyn's make sure you consider at least the stand4 or better yet the stand6. The bass response is amazing for a single driver and go deeper than the specs indicate. The Esotar2 tweeter is the 2nd best sounding that I have ever listened to (2nd to Raidho IMO).

Have you heard either speaker? I ask because to me all speaker manufacturers have a 'house' sound. It should give you an idea which one you may prefer over another. Another brand you may want to consider is the Scansonic MB 2.5's or 3.5's depending on your room size.

Best of luck in your decision.
I dont heard the c1 but heard focus adn contour line, And dont like a sound, better for me sounds micron and craft, sp25 like too.

Dali herd that model - and wery impressed by a soundstage and treble, bass not boomy and do not go low.

Intrestin to heard where is the better resolution and soundstage - in c1 or Dali 25LE