Dynaudio Confidence C1 Signature?

Hi,the new and i guess updated C1 dubbed Confidence C1 Signature has been launched earlier this year. What are the differences with the older C1 and this new 2011 model?
From what I have read is the crossovers have been upgraded along with the internal wiring. They also added a new coating to the esotar2 tweeter.

There is also a Confidence mkII. It comes on standard finishes and is priced at 7500. The signature has an upgraded finish (mocca and bordeaux - both high gloss) and they come with a 10yr warranty instead of 5 and is priced at 8300.

That being said I was informed that the first shipment left Denmark Fri May 13th and should be arriving very soon. My local Dyn dealer knows I really want to see and hear the new ones. And yes I'm super seriously considering upgrading my C1's but have to hear them first.
There was a recent thread on this subject that might answer many of your questions.