Dynaudio Confidence C1 MKI treble

Hi folks. I recently purchased a pair of Dynaudio C1 MKI’s just because I’ve always wanted to hear them, plus I’ve been wanting to go back to stand mounts in the hopes of having better bass integration with my room. Floor standing speakers’ bass response have not been playing nicely with my room’s acoustics but that’s a different story. I have the C1’s partnered with my PS Audio BHK 250 amp and I positively love the C1’s from midrange and below. I have never had such perfect bass integration in my room before. Very solid meaty sound and the speakers simply vanish, but I can’t get passed how closed in the high end seems.

First question, have others noticed this same quality in the C1’s? I can certainly see it described as smooth and warm but it just seems so rolled off. I was never expecting Focals or klipsch mind you. What have you done to increase the openness? Electronics matching? Or is that just the voicing of the C1’s and the Esotar? I really, really want to love these speakers because they come so close to what I love.

Happy Halloween.
I don't have Dynaudio C1 but do have Dynaudio Mirage (WMTMW configuration) which have the Esotar tweeters.  These are excellent tweeters, amongst the very best.  I have no problem with rolled off highs, in fact I added foam around the baffle for the tweeter enclosure to ensure minimized refractions from that surface.

My first question is whether or not you have broken them in yet, at least 100hrs would be my suggestion.
then why don't you love them?
I heard them when they were pretty new on the market years ago, and thought the very same thing. Treble and air were definitely lacking, and it surprised me because of all of the glowing reviews that I had read.