Dynaudio Confidence 5

I have just found a pair of the these speakers used and I would like to hear of your expirience with them.
I currently use a pair of Quad ESL-63, would the Confidence 5 be step up the ladder?
I have read about the Dynaudios and they seem to be a correctly designed speaker?
I have one reservation about the Confidence 5, which is the rather high bass cut of (43 hz -1,5 db), do they sound thin?
Would they intergrate well with 2 Vandersteen 2wq subs?
My room is about 200 square feet with about 9 feet to the ceiling.

Any comments would be very nice.

Thanks in advance

The YBA PAssion monoblocks would also be ideal. The Nemo is very good. I dont think i would take it over the amps i have mentioned. The Pass Labs is probably your best bet for the money. The Nemos are strange because their top end is rolled off because they were made to go with N 801s. Also if you like the Electrocompaniet sound they are making a set of 400 watt monoblocks that sound basically as good as the nemos for about 6k. That is a good deal it seems. They will be out shortly. In the mean time i would hesitate to even connect your 30 watt amp to the C5s at all. I have never heard a pair of ESL 63 i know they were very highly respected but i dont think that are quite in the same of leauge of the C5 not to mention the C5 looks a lot better.
i own quad 63's and a speaker system based on dynaudio speakers (paragon - no longer made). the confidence 5's have a better tweeter than my system - mine goes lower. while i think the quads are a tad more transparent its not something i miss to much as with the dynamic system i get a much greater dynamic range (the quads are a bit compressed), a greater sound level with out having the panel rattling, and the quad on certian high notes (very few) can ring a bit. i only really prefer the quads on small scale music. quads are also difficult to set up. i use a neutral high power tube amp for best results, although i note many dynaudio users like high end solid state.
You will not regret getting these speakers. They have the best midrange of all speakers I've ever heard. I'm driving my C5 with a Classe CA400 with great success. Given enough power, these babies will go lower than 43Hz. You will not need a sub. Hope this help.
Thank you for responding to my post. I think I might go for the Dynaudios, since I think they have a lot of the qualities I am looking for.
As fare as amplifiers go I will have to try different brands, but the reason I though of the NEMO is the fantistic bass everybody says they have.
But I will have to try some tubes as well.

Best regards

Don't go tubes. They wont mesh well. You need beefy solid state for these speakers. If I werer you i would get the pass X-350 that just came on audiogon. That would be an ideal match. The nemos are a lot more and may not be worth the extra money. But.... if you can get em for a good price go for it as they have tons of current.