Dynaudio Confidence 5-speaker cables????

I own the Confidence 5 speakers.Anybody out there have any speaker cable recommendations.I tried the OCOS.I enjoyed them,but felt they were lacking in some areas.I am using Wireworld Eclipse II currently.A little better than the OCOS.Still open for suggestions.The quest continues.Thanks.
I think best kept secret in "cable" world! Discovery 1-2-3! They do everything just right!
Give a listen to Tara - RSC Air One or better. I have a pair of Contour 3.0's and selected the Tara. Of course, listen before you buy.
I also have the Confidence 5. I am using Audioquest Sterling with pretty good result. I tried the MIT 750 shotgun, not as good. My friend had good luck with Tara master generation 2 with excellent result. I may try them one day. What amp are you using? I am thinking about getting new amp for these. Currently using McCormack DNA2 deluxe.
I've read the other responses, and would urge you strongly to look at www.interlinkhouse.net and the STEALTH cable info there. After decades of using "name brand" cables, including some of the ones you mention, I've concluded that some of those companies have marvelous marketing skills. I now use nothing but STEALTH, and to say that my system has never sounded better would be a huge understatement. And they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, just in case.