Dynaudio Confidence 5 Owners

I have a chance to obtain a pair of Confidence 5's at a good price. I currently have a pair of Contour 3.3's that I like very much. What will the 5's do that the 3.3's won't . I'm looking for a similar sound, but more refined. More importantly do I have enough power to drive them. I am using a pair of Pass Labs Aleph 1.2's (200watts@ 8 ohms - 300 watts @ 4 ohms) that drive the 3.3's very nicely. I won't be able to audition before I buy (otherwise this post wouldn't be necessary) so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I had the 3.3's and sold them for the 5's...it was a good move. The 5's are much more detailed and the mid's are spectacular. Jazz singers, such as Eva Cassidy and Jacintha are absolutely lifelike. When you first listen to them they don't seem to have as much bass, but upon listening further you realize it is just much more controlled and natural. I do wonder, however, if your amp is sufficient to make them perform to their maximum...they like a lot of current. Regardless, get them and you will be happy even if they might want a little more power.
I've owned the C5s and the pass 1.2s. The combination is not good. The C5s do sound great with a Pass X350 though. Its worth selling the 1.2s and the 3.3s, the c5s are in a whole different league.
The C5s were the best speakers I'd owned, up until the $4800 Dynaudio Special 25s came out. They handily beat the C5s ($10,000), and compete very strongly against the C3s ($8000, also now discontinued, but I still own them and always liked them better than the C5s). Both the C3s and the Spec 25 have better bass than the C5s.
Spectacular mid-range, well controlled, clear bass and great detail, crystal clear highs. The Esotar tweeter is simply amazing More expansive sounstage than the 3.3.