Dynaudio Confidence 5 or Confidence 1 for this room????

Good Morning All,

Just chasing your thoughts on what speaker would be suited to a room that measures 13.43 ft width / 13.41 ft long. Volume 17.62 square metres.

I already own the C5 and was thinking of down sizing to the smaller C1. Speakers being driven by Atma-Sphere MA-2 mono blocks (220w per channel).

Many thanks for your help.

I own C4's in a room measuring 21 ft long x 15 ft wide with 7 ft ceilings and partially open at one end. I almost gave up on my C4's until I added room treatments in the form of 8 acoustical panels from GIK Acoustics, to tame the reflections and damp the sound a bit. Since your room is considerably smaller than mine, I would think you'd have better results with the C1's, plus they are significantly more efficient than the C5's. Don't get me wrong, I've heard tremendous things about C5's... I just don't think the size of your room is ideal for them.
I also have the C4s in about the same size room as Pdreher(20-17 with 9 ' ceilings) and found room treatments a must..I would agree with the above comments and suggest the C1s as well.I havent heard the C5s for some time but wasnt that impressed with them,plus the fact your power choices are very limited..I would love to hear those amps driving the C1s.
If i was you,i would treat the room and keep the C5s.
I've just got a pair from few days,and they play in a room slightly bigger than yours driven by a Gryphon DM100,with no problem at all.
Dont sell them,you will regret.
As a Dynaudio dealer and owner of the C1's myself, I feel they are more than capable of filling that room. My room is 14'x20'x11'.

I have no real-world experience with your amplifiers, but I highly recommend that you give consideration to giving the C1's a fair amount of power. I'm using the Halo JC1's.
Thanks all for the feed back.

The C5 is a lot more expensive speaker (3 way). They are power hungry, but for what I'm going to sell the C5 for, it will really just cover the price of the C1 with stands second hand. May hold onto them as they are a fantasic speaker hands down.

Chel13 - probably a good idea to stick with what you have. Treating your room would go a long way to minimizing slap echo, deflection & booming bass. I spent approx. $700 with GIK Acoustics for 8 panels (4" x 2 ft x 4 ft), and it was the best money I've spent.
Good choice Che13!!!!
Dont give up on the C5s!!
Hello to all! I have a pair of C5's and was frustrated for the longest time -tried lots of different speaker cables, acoustic panels to treat my room ( 13.5 x 24 x 8 feet) and a bunch of different amplifiers. After experimenting for 2 years in a row I finally got them to sing right, and it didn't even take that much power as everyone believes. I am using a NAD Masters M3 integr. amplifier, fine tuned with Furutech PADIS fuses and Kimber Select KS1021 WBT-nextgen to replace the stock bridge, Nordost TYR XLR in connection to the SACD player, all power cords are PS Audio AC-5 ( pcocc). I just replaced my Nordost SPM speaker cables with the Monarchy Audio PCOCC speaker cable ( it was just $99USD on audiogon) now the C5 sounds fantastic. Those PCOCC speaker cables made a huge difference- unbelievable as they are the cheapest link in my chain! I am so glad I didn't give up on the Confidence 5- they finally sound right- very much like my AKG 701 headphones, smooth, super silky, nice tight but well presented bass, no coloration whatsoever and no boominess! I guess when the cables are right you don't need the big fat amplification. I get better sonic results with my M3 in combination with the C5 than I ever got out of my Krell power amps ( KAV500 bridged)- they where very powerful, but it was overwhelming, just not right- resulting in a brutal punchy bass without any silky smoothness. My advice-try a bunch of different speaker cables- cardas golden reference if you want to spend some more money. and place the C5 close to the rear wall ( about a foot distance to the wall- about 10 feet apart and angled in to your position) they don't care so much about distance to the side walls. Cheers and enjoy!
I'm sure you already know this... but 13 x 13 is way too small for any serious high end audio. For any Dynaudio speaker to shine, you're going to need a bigger room.
treating a square room is the only thing to do---otherwise nothing is going to sound decent.