Dynaudio Confidence 30 vs. Focal Sopra 2

Considering an upgrade. Cost is similar. I'm running a Luxman L-509x amp and Cardas clear cabling. CD/dac is Luxman D-03x. My current speakers are 60i Dyns. They're great but I'm not in love. Could also consider the 802 D3 B&W but my dealer doesn't carry those and I want to work a trade. Looking for clarity. I want a piano to sound like a piano and violin to sound like it is made of wood. The 60i Dyns are great for Metallica, but I think there are better performers for classical. Thank you for your thoughts.

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I have the Luxman, paired with Legacy Signature SEs, very dynamic, great for metal, EDM, house or jazz and acoustic. Dyns are a bit dark and boxy IME, play better at louder levels. I’d go with Focal or audition the Legacies.