Dynaudio Confidence 30 vs. Focal Sopra 2

Considering an upgrade. Cost is similar. I'm running a Luxman L-509x amp and Cardas clear cabling. CD/dac is Luxman D-03x. My current speakers are 60i Dyns. They're great but I'm not in love. Could also consider the 802 D3 B&W but my dealer doesn't carry those and I want to work a trade. Looking for clarity. I want a piano to sound like a piano and violin to sound like it is made of wood. The 60i Dyns are great for Metallica, but I think there are better performers for classical. Thank you for your thoughts.
The Focals with Luxman ought to sound a bit more natural but there is a risk that you will move a little too forward.  The Focals are a brighter speaker and Luxman gear should tame it but it will depend on the room.  

The Dyn's are less forward than the Focals so the net might sound a little sweet and a little less accurate.  I assume you are finding the Dyn's a bit too warm.  

Vivid Kaya 45s I think would be spot on tonally where you want to be.  If you are willing to consider Sopra 2s I would think the Vivids would not be that odd looking.  They are  bigger sounding speaker than you would think and technologically are very advanced in terms of cabinet and build.  

Magico's S1 MKii should tonally be spot on for what you are looking for, pair perfectly with Luxman and should sound extremely natural.  

The B&Ws would be a good choice.  Luxman should land you in just about the right place tonally and I think they should be a brilliant match.

I am a Focal and Vivid dealer.  I have no affiliation with Dyn, Magico or B&W.  Lots of people take trade so you ought to be able to get a deal together with a trade for any speaker you are looking at.  
Thanks for the detailed response, verdantaudio. The problem I always run into is that the gear sounds different in the store compared to home. Those Magico A5s look good too.
That I understand.  Every element of the audio chain matters in addition to your room.  I had a customer who has a pair of Magico A3s.  Sent him an amp which I had heard with them and it was too warm because he was pairing it with a very warm DAC.  

What market are you in?  What else can you tell us about the balance of the equipment in the rig and your room?
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I have the Luxman, paired with Legacy Signature SEs, very dynamic, great for metal, EDM, house or jazz and acoustic. Dyns are a bit dark and boxy IME, play better at louder levels. I’d go with Focal or audition the Legacies.
Birdman, what specifically you don’t like about Dynoaudio 60i? Too warm, too bright? For example, I had Monitor Gold flagship at some point will all metal drivers. They imaged amazingly, treble was crystal clear. But everything that I played through them had metallic coloration. Piano, classical guitar sounded like it had steel strings instead of nylons etc. I couldn’t live with it.
DMK, at low volume levels they are not dynamic. I don't always want to crank the volume. I also think they are a little bass bias with those massive 9.5 inch drivers.  I think the main reason I am thinking of switching however is upgrade-itis. It is funny how my mission has creeped skyward. I started out with a 3k system. That figure is a faint image in the rear view mirror.
OP, I too own 509x and am on similar path....fighting upgrade-itis.  I can tell you I demo'd multiple speakers on my 509 before I brought it home, and the Sopra was the runaway winner for me.  Paradigm Persona a reasonably close second.  Oddly I didn't care for Kanta nearly as much.  Magico was (IMHO) way to muddied, which I attribute to the 86db (from memory) sensitivity.  IIRC Dyn is down there also, contributing to the lower volume problem you identify.  Good luck and do keep us posted.  
Why have the Sopras jumped so precipitously in price?! I may just have to limp along with my 60i Dyns awhile longer. (Actually they are a fabulous speaker. I was listening to Lady Gaga last night a big volumes and the 60i were superb). Maybe I need to just settle down. 
I got a chance to listen to the Dyn Confidence 30 and the Sopra 2 today as driven by Luxman gear. I walked away very impressed with the Dyns. The Sopras are definitely brighter and more energetic,  but to my ear, the Dyns produced a more realistic sound are were just superb. My current Contour 60i rigs have far more bass slam than both.