Dynaudio Confidence 3 w/ AMR AM 77.1?

Oh sonic wizards I have a question for you:
How do you think an AMR AM 77.1 would mate with my Dynaudio Confidence 3's?
I really do enjoy.the Plinius/Klyne combo I have driving them now, but feel like the AMR digital source is the best I have heard. So, maybe their amp would more than double my fun?

And, I am always thinking less boxes is better. The AM 77.1 would have obvious synergy with it's stall mate, but would it mate well with and drive the Dynaudios...in particular my need for their bottom end to be pushed as I have no space for a subwoofer.

I would hate to go down the wrong rabbit hole ending up in a new warren reinventing my sonic world trying to wedge the AMR into place when it just really doesn't fit well.... Watership (Upside)Down! We've all done that before and since I have been waiting patiently for months for my AMR DP 777 SE to be released and arrive, I don't want to extend that waiting period for my system to be firing on all cylinders.

Thank you for your wise counsel!