Dynaudio Confidence 20 vrersus Kef reference 1

Any any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much. Paul.
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Do you realize that you are a narcissist? Do you realize that you are pompous? Do you realize that those of us who have followed you for the past 6 months laugh at you and give you zero credibility?
Its not a crime to be pompous is it? You cannot be a narcissist unless you have been committed to a mental hospital and formally diagnosed. You have no qualifications to make these assertions.
You are just changing the subject because you are not able to add much to the actual discussion.

There are plenty of DIY guys out there putting together there own speakers... are they doing it wrong too?

Definitely. Very Wrong. 

Why do you profess to be the “best” speaker designer in the world yet you haven’t designed a single speaker?

Anybody can claim to be the best speaker designer. Every speaker company will claim that their design is superior. Show me the evidence Bruce. Show me the evidence that the Dynaudio confidence 20 is a brillant speaker. It costs $12k. I demand evidence.

Have you changed the crossover components, or the dsp in your bose wave radio or are you just a hypocrite?

I dont have a bose radio. Thats just your mistaken belief. The earbuds do not need modifying. They are still enjoyable despite their limitations.

Im sure there are people who have upgraded their crossover components... are they achieving audio nirvana?

You would need a retune not just upgrade the components. I never claimed the crossover is the answer to everything. There are many problems with speakers that cause audiophiles like you to be on the never ending speaker merry go round. I suggest you find out what you need to do to come off it. You are WRONG if you think you have already found perfect sound.

Champion Audiophile
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