Dynaudio Confidence 20 vrersus Kef reference 1

Any any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much. Paul.
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@ricardoosusa , dynaudio drivers are awesome!  Really well built and right up there with those other fine drivers you mentioned!
He thinks his cheap earbuds sound amazing and that bose and sonos sound better than either of the fine speakers that you are looking at
That is because these high end speakers are never set up under the correct conditions. The bose and sonos are tuned more correctly. Of course they are not perfect. I have not claimed that. 

You would need a custom made studio to hear these high end speakers properly. How many high end dealers have their own custom made studio of the same level as a professional recording or mastering studio? 
The speakers you find on the market place such as Dynaudio confidence 20, are not custom tuned. Speakers must be fine tuned. Are YOUR speakers custom tuned to your ears Bruce? Or have you made a terrible mistake and bought a mass produced speaker that only profits the speaker companies? I suggest you have your speakers retuned to your ears rather than the speaker designers ears who presume to think that they know what you want to hear


Master Audiophile bar none.

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As a matter of fact, yes, my system is custom tuned to my ears through thought out choice of components, cables, acoustic treatments, speaker placement, speaker choice... I, like anyone else here tunes their systems through component selection, cable selection, speaker selection, acoustic panels... if we don’t like a certain element of the sound we are getting we research what needs to be done to change it into something that is musical satisfying to our ears.  Not too hard for the rest of us to understand

Exactly. Audiophiles do want to tune their systems to their liking. However, the problem is theyre not doing it correctly. 

Cables are often used to supposedly adjust the sound but they make not even 0.5db difference across the entire spectrum. An Equalizer could be used however and that would enable you to adjust several db across the spectrum which IS easily audible. 

A crossover cannot be retuned with cables. A crossover can only be retuned by changing the crossover. And that is one reason audiophiles cannot be satisfied. They dont like the way the crossover sounds and they are not clever enough to redo it. 

Is the bose wave radio you have custom tuned to you ears?  Are your cheap earbuds custom tuned to your ears?

No they are not however they may be tuned closer to my liking than other speakers even much more expensive ones. Furthermore most high end speakers are deliberately tuned RULER FLAT by a bunch of ignorant designers, which is wrong by anybodys standards.