Dynaudio Confidence 20 vrersus Kef reference 1

Any any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much. Paul.
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I had the dynaudios C1s mkll, after that the signatures and now the 40s. When the new confidence came out I knew one day I'll have it. Yes they went up on price quite a lot. The 40s are very close to the C1s, as a matter of fact I believe they are the king of that categorie right now. Those who ask why so expensive, don't know or heard a dynaudio contour or confidence in a good system, to me they sound better then speakers costing more. I heard and owned many speakers with Seas, Scanspeak, Morel ,Vifa  and Accuton drivers but for me dynaudios beats them all. They have a right and rare balance of detail and dynamic at same time  never sound like artificial reproduction.