Dynaudio Confidence 20 vrersus Kef reference 1

Any any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much. Paul.
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the confidence 20 is a horribly expensive wooden box with drivers in 'em. I see nothing that justifies such a high price. Theres a limit to what you can do with a wooden box. Either the quality needs to be vastly improved or the price needs to come down. 

The kef ref 1. Less expensive but still very expensive. 

Again, it comes down to the question of why one speaker is better than another. 

I just posted a thread on that exact topic but nobody here knows the answer. 

Well I think that sometimes a person may feel better about their purchase if it’s more pricey therefore thinking that price equals quality rather than value . Not always right! 
They are both really good.
I have heard the Kefs on a number of occasions.  I also own the Confidence 20’s. I prefer the Confidence, better fit and finish along with a fuller sound.  They do not lack any detail compared to the Kefs yet they are simply more natural and enjoyable.

If you have never heard a bookshelf kick and punch like a full range speaker then you need to hear the Dyns.
I prefer the CONTOUR 20 to the REF1.  Possibly the most over-rated speaker I have ever heard.  Metallic and unnatural.  
They just show you how your system sounds .
Looks like a very nice speakers but it needs their dedicated stands because of the down-firing bass port.

The model below Contour 20 looks very nice also w/ many glowing reviews.
I own the Ref 1’s paired with Hegel H590 and have listened to the new Confidence 20’s paired with the Luxman 509 (non critical listening environment and with speaker cables that tend to be too bright/fatiguing for my ears). Both are excellent choices and really comes down to what you prefer....although I don’t think there’s a night and day difference between the two speakers. 

 I’m not sure what avanti1960 is referring to with respect to the “metallic” signature of the Ref 1’s. I’d be interested in what was driving them, cables, power cord, etc.
The reference 1 are NOT custom tuned to my ears and for that reason alone I would not buy them. 
If nothing is custom tuned to you ears 👂,does the that make a great difference in your purchasing decisions?
Ignorance and narcissism combined into a custom post.
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why does the confidence 20 cost more than ten times the cost of other stand mount speakers you can buy. explain that to me. 
Contour 20 or Contour 30. These are the Dynaudio sweet spot, along with the Special 40.
You forgot crossover :)
the confidence 20 is a horribly expensive wooden box with drivers in 'em