Dynaudio C5 and Cary CAD-805 AE is possible?????

Hello friends, I own a Dynaudio Confidence 5 and I have the opportunity to acquire a Cary CAD-805 Anniversary Edition, the question is, as they believe it will take? cary may handle the 83dB of the C5? I await your opinions. Thank you very much from Argentina! :)
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I don't think it is going to work, at least at any realistic volumes. Those speakers like power in reserve.
No. More like 400 watts are necessary
As a Dyn C1 owner (85db) I just bought an Octave V70SE and even with el34 tubes it has the CURRENT not watts which Dyn's do best with. Considering the Cary is class 'A' I think you'll like it. Mine is push - pull @70W with Kt88 and approx 49w with EL34's. There was a review somewhere (can't remember) when someone used the V40 with the C4's and loved it.

IF there is any way you could demo it in your home or take the C5's to a dealer that would tell you if it matches up to your expectations.

For some reason the Dyn's and tubes make a good match. On the other hand if you are talking solid state I still say look for good clean Current (yeah I know very few manufacturers publish current). One example is the Naim supernait (especially with the flatcap p/s) rated at 80w. Burmester is my favorite with Dyns but so far out of my budget. The Octave with black box was just outside my budget but I stretched and happy I did so.
Great speakers and great amps. However, I think that combination would be a stretch and the sound would be anemic. Suggest you consider VTL 450MB's or Rogue M-180's.
Thanks for the comments, the problem is that Argentina is difficult to find high-end audio and even more major power, as I have the opportunity to acquire these Cary wanted to know why their views. Greetings!
the C5 is the most difficult Dyn speaker to drive pretty much that they ever made. there is no way that a V70 is going to drive it correctly. the Confidence speaker he is referring to is from the 1990s, not related to current C1/C2/C4.