Dynaudio C4 vs B&W 802D

I am inclined to upgrade my speaker very soon. I am only choosing between the two which are B&W 802D or Dynaudio C4. Im afraid of an impulsive buy because audition for these two brands are not possible in my location.

Please help me to make a good decision. I play 65% Jazz , 25% Pop + Rock , & 10% classical music. My room is 5 mts x 6.5 mts x 2.75 mts ceiling height.

Suggestions & comments are highly appreciated.

My present set up are :

Michelle Orbe / SME V arm / Cadenza Black Cart
Musical Fidelity 550k - Monoblock
EAR 868 Preamp w Phonostage
Acoustic Zen Krakatoa Power Cords
XLO signature Interconnect
Audio Prism F III + Shunyata Phyton Mains PWR CHRD 20 amps
I have auditioned audience au24e IC & speaker wire and it sound good to me. Very neutral , fast & smooth but i still want to wait for Cardas Golden Ref , Transparent ultra MM2 IC & speaker wire to compare.

Has anyone have tried this cables and share the difference between them and which one will have synergy with my Dynaudio C4 , plinius sa - 103 amp & ear 868 pre amp w phono.

Thanks. Comments & suggestions are highly appreciated.
I use Kimber Select KS-3035 on my Silverline Bolero speakers (Dynaudiio Drivers) and like them a lot. They sound fast, clear and extended on both ends to me. You might consider adding them, or the new 6000 series, to your audition list.
Very interesting discussion.  I am Dynaudio and Sonus Faber fan.  One of the reasons I like SF is it is look.  Have any one of you compared Amati Homage and C4 (whatever years)?  They are about the same price.  I heard them in the show and in different stores but never had chance to have A B comparison.  They both sound great so I have not taken action yet.  I have been sitting on this for years.  Any suggestions and comments are welcome.  Thanks.