Dynaudio C4 vs B&W 802D

I am inclined to upgrade my speaker very soon. I am only choosing between the two which are B&W 802D or Dynaudio C4. Im afraid of an impulsive buy because audition for these two brands are not possible in my location.

Please help me to make a good decision. I play 65% Jazz , 25% Pop + Rock , & 10% classical music. My room is 5 mts x 6.5 mts x 2.75 mts ceiling height.

Suggestions & comments are highly appreciated.

My present set up are :

Michelle Orbe / SME V arm / Cadenza Black Cart
Musical Fidelity 550k - Monoblock
EAR 868 Preamp w Phonostage
Acoustic Zen Krakatoa Power Cords
XLO signature Interconnect
Audio Prism F III + Shunyata Phyton Mains PWR CHRD 20 amps
I've heard both speakers but not at the same time or place. My vote goes for the C4's especially for jazz and classical.
IMO, 2 totally different speakers so the choise should be easier than if they were similar.Ive listened to the 802D numerous times at different dealers over the past few years.To me they are slow and bloated in the bass with a very unnatural tweeter,maybe better for 70s rock and roll but certainly not in the same league as the C4s.Lots of 802Ds appear on this site used so an easy buy if thats where you are looking.
The C4s are totally different,very neutral,great mid range and those tweeters are about the best in their price range of the under 20 grand speakers.My musical taste are basically the same as yours,although a tough find used(should tell ya something)I bought the C4s!
I'd take the C2 or C4 anyday over any BW. BW sound is not my cup of tea although i have friends that loves the BW sound and I respect them for that.
The C4 is an excellent speaker for Jazz and acoustic. I can't speak for the 802D's as I've not heard them.
Your amp, Musical Fidelity 550k - Monoblock, is a poor match for B&W 802D - sound will be bright and you will experience something that Missioncoonery described.
I am exptemely happy with my B&W802D but it took me literally years to find right amplifier (Spectron) for me.

I don;t know C4,sorry - according to the posts above should work fine for you.
thank you guys so much for your comments.

i finally got the C4 and am very happy with it with Plinius SA - 103 Monoblock Amps. I am now on cable match hunting for my new C4. Transparent & Cardas cables are my inclinations.

again , suggestions are mostly welcome.

Oh, so now cables...Ive tried alot and IMO Cardas is a good choice but you need to go up as high as you can on the line.Runs a little on the colored side .Im running MIT and like it alot. Stay away from cables that are lean like Nordost.I would suggest maybe trying another amp,to me Plinius is not a good match but thats just my opinion.I think Pdreher was running that with his C4s until he gave up and sold them.
I have auditioned audience au24e IC & speaker wire and it sound good to me. Very neutral , fast & smooth but i still want to wait for Cardas Golden Ref , Transparent ultra MM2 IC & speaker wire to compare.

Has anyone have tried this cables and share the difference between them and which one will have synergy with my Dynaudio C4 , plinius sa - 103 amp & ear 868 pre amp w phono.

Thanks. Comments & suggestions are highly appreciated.
I use Kimber Select KS-3035 on my Silverline Bolero speakers (Dynaudiio Drivers) and like them a lot. They sound fast, clear and extended on both ends to me. You might consider adding them, or the new 6000 series, to your audition list.
Very interesting discussion.  I am Dynaudio and Sonus Faber fan.  One of the reasons I like SF is it is look.  Have any one of you compared Amati Homage and C4 (whatever years)?  They are about the same price.  I heard them in the show and in different stores but never had chance to have A B comparison.  They both sound great so I have not taken action yet.  I have been sitting on this for years.  Any suggestions and comments are welcome.  Thanks.