Dynaudio C4 and Sonus Faber

I am Dynaudio and Sonus Faber fan. One of the reasons I like SF is it is look. Have any one of you compared Amati Homage and C4? They are about the same price. I heard them in the show and in different stores many times but never had chance to have A B comparison. They both sound great so I have not taken action yet. I have been sitting on this for years. Any suggestions and comments in general are welcome.  By the way I am looking at the very original version of both.  I am not sure if it worth to spend another $5K or more to buy a later version.  I am not factoring the amps and cables either because that can go and on and never end.  Thanks.
When I was looking for speakers I really wanted the SF Cremora Auditor M. Just had to save up a little more. Then I heard the Dyn original C1. Well that was the sound that eeked out the SF. My only complaint with the C1 is they needed to turned way up to sound their best. When Dyn came out with the MKII/Sig I bought a pair of sig's without even hearing them (got one of the first 5 pairs in the USA). Turns out they upgraded the crossover - internal wiring and put a new doping on the tweeter. To my surprise they sounded a lot better at lower listening levels. Never heard the Platinums side by side so I'm not sure if there was any change in SQ. So personally I would go for the MKII/Sig version if you can find them. That said the originals will play a bit louder. IMO the SF and Dyns are very similar in SQ with the Dyns having a slightly better midrange and a touch more dynamic.
Merry Christmas.  Thanks for your comments.  I also have been reading articles related to c4.   I feel Dynaudio has more weight over Sonus Faber now.  I would most likely to get the original c4.  I saw one pair was just sold on Audiogon.  I'll have to wait patiently for next pair to show up.