Dynaudio C2 II Signature VS. Revel Ultima Studio 2

I looking at these two speakers for my 14' W by 18' L by 9" Tall room. My criteria is as follows utilizing my Weiss DAC202 and for staters my Marantz Reference Series SM-11S1 Amplifier:
1) Great resolution and imaging
2) Large and precise soundstage
3) I'm more about pop, superb vocals, & jazz than classical music
4) Taught and defined bass
5) Great at loud and softer volume

I'm looking for input to help guide my decision.
Interesting post.IMO I wouldnt buy either.Both are somewhat lame ducks in their lineups.The C2 is lacking in a few areas just like the studio but both are larger speakers(and both have tough resale).If room size or cash wont allow for the C4s or the Salons I would buy the Dynaudio C1 MKIIs and add a nice sub.
Interesting thinking. I'll give it some consideration
Lame duck? I don't think so, both models are excellent just a little forgotten since there is a bigger version of each. The new C2II Sig is outstanding and quite improved over the previous C2.
Of the 3 speakers in the confidence line the C2 has the lowest sales numbers,is real tough to resale(just follow this site and see how fast C1s move and C2s stand there for sale) and by no means the C4 is just a bigger version of the C2.The C4 has more drivers,more tweeters,different crossovers and stands not that much taller than the C2..hence the lame duck status IMO.All the guys I know that bought C2s very quickly upgraded to the C4s.The C2 is a great speaker but again IMO the C1 MKII with a sub will sound as good or actually better and less money..Enjoy
Actually the C2 has the same amount of tweeters as the C4, crossovers are the same 1st order crossover and quality as the C4 just a 2 way version. Sorry, not trying to argue, just pointing out the facts.
Just buck up and buy the C4 - Bob will give you a better trade in then what you would get on the C1 as well. These could be the last speakers you ever buy!
You make a good argument Wattage.
Just buck up and buy the C4 ..

Bad idea,IMO..I ran C4s in a room a little bit bigger.Took tons of room treatments and alot of effort to get them to sound good.I heard them in a larger room and they really came alive...and the C4s really only shine when turned up..So Ive been there done that..You can take advise from me as Ive already done it or you can find out for yourself..Do yourself a favor Buy the C1s!!!!..and take the extra cash and get a nice sub plus tons of music..
Missioncoonery Have you heard the MKII's? I ask because with any of the original Confidence series they really need to be cranked up to sound their best. With the MKII version they sound great at lower levels which is why they just 'may' work out. An in home demo or 30 day money back guarantee would the best to make the decision. BTW I upgraded my original C1's to the Signatures which is why I mention this.
I agree with the C1 + sub route, or one like it. My C4's are in a 16' wide x 40' long x 9' high room (big volume) and they sound very good except I would give them a "pretty" good down low. The bass response is uneven from 30-60 Hz (big dip) that seems to plague a lot of rooms. Two subs can help you tune this better by moving the subs around independant from the mains, which are placed to image the best (not to improve the bass!). And, most subs can be tuned by EQ. I'm looking at subs for my C4's for this reason!

As for volume, most speakers in modern hi-fi (no tone controls at all!) sound best when they exceed the fleetcher munstrum (spelling?) pressure level in the bass. This is the point where your ear becomes linear across the typical sound spectrum humans hear. The C4 seems to become "flat" in the bass around 80-85 dB to my ear. So I agree, that this speaker needs to voice some. But, if a speaker sound good low, it's probably too much bass turned up. Your ear loses a lot of sensitivity to bass at low volumes, so to sound good quiet, it's really not "flat"in the bass, and remains so as you turn them up. Such as it is without any variable SPL control anywhere.

Get what sounds best where you listen the most. I listen at 80-85 dB average SPL most all the time.
Is there any difference between the C1 II and the C1 Signature besides aesthetics?
I've heard nothing different except the finish, one person did say signatures tewwter was a bit upgraded? a Dynaudio spekes person told me that it is only the finish that is different.
Signature upgrade is;

"The crossover has been further optimized, while the internal wiring has been upgraded. With these upgrades, the second-generation model designations are now Confidence II and Confidence Signature."

"The Confidence Signature models are exclusively available in dark-brown Mocca or dark-red Bordeaux realwood finished with high gloss piano lacquer and proudly feature an aluminium backplate plate adorned with the signature of Dynaudio's founder and sole owner, Wilfried Ehrenholz."

AS a C2 owner I think you are wayyyyy off on the read. for the room size hwe is dexribing, the C2 wil be amamzing.

the C4 can oftern bee very boomy in teh wriong room - reqd ther posts and you will see this is generally agreed upon.

I have lsitened to both many times (and, as i said, own the C2).

In terms of the posters question, both are great choices and the right choice in each firms line up for your sized room
As a previous owner of both C2's and C4's, I think you'd need a lot of room treatments to make the C4's work in that size room. The C4's are superior IME to the C2's, but neither did well at low to moderate volume levels, which is why I eventually moved on.

I know I'll get torched for this... but I'd go with Harbeth M-40.1's... very ordinary looking speakers, but very musical, not picky with amplification, great with jazz & vocals and you don't have to turn them up to ear splitting levels to have fun with them. Also recommend you ditch the solid state amps in favor of a decent tube amp.
Pdreher - No torching but the MKII/Signatures do much better at low to moderate listening levels compared to the originals.
My C4 signature II models do fine at low volumes. The older C4's are reported to be harder to make come alive. But, I can only report on my series II models. I listen at 80-83 dB average, and things are just fine.

Bass is tight and actually could be MORE pronounced in my book. I added stereo DD10+ subs to get the very bottom firmer and effortless sounding. It worked out real well. But to say they are boomy? I haven't heard that at all. The Dyn Audio sound is much more neutral than most speakers. Some don't like that. I like it...fast, open and dynamic. Midrange is especially intoxicatingly good on C4 series II's.

The C4's will really be hard on your electronics and source material, though. You will hear differences in electronics like never before. Source recordings are ALL different sounding, too. Resolution is WAY better than any speaker I've used in the past. Some will say this is a bad speaker since it says things are poor when they are. Many don't want to "hear" that. I don't, but I can't blame the speaker.

I took actual room EQ dB values and they are commendably flat. Remember, bass can be tricky to measure because of room nodes. Stand in the right place and it's flatter, or not. But the overall tone is NOT tubby.
As a audiophile and business owner I Have owned & sell both brands/models
I give a slight edge to the Dyna's because you specifically said Sound stage & the sound stage is generally bigger and more accurate w/Dynaudio. Both are excellent would any among us not to be thrilled to own either?