Dynaudio C2 at the NYC hifi show

Did anyone out there get a good listen to this new model ? Appreciate your feedback. [Particularly comparisons to other Dynaudio contour/confidence models; as well as compared to B&WNautilus802 or WilsonAudio WattPuppy's]. Much Thanks.
Yes, I listened to this speaker for 40 minutes. I rated it as the best sounding speakers at the show. It sounded so great. It sounded so smooth and the soundstage was awesome. The bass was top notch. Also, the people from Dynaudio played upbeat type music, so you could judge the speakers really well.
Twilo - I read a couple other people's comments on the C4 - did you hear the C4 as well as the C2 and, if so, any comparisons? -Kirk
Thanks for the info, I am also hoping for some comparisons to the prior mentioned speakers above if possible.
Hi, let me make a correction. I heard the C4 speakers. I dont think they played the C2 speakers at the show. When i was there, only the C4 speakers were playing. But holy moley did they sound good. That esotar tweeter is incredible sounding.
Thanks for the update.....of course, you just cost me $4K more, but I appreciate the update nonetheless :-)

What did you think of the way they looked "in person"? My initial reaction was that I didn't like the way they looked (though I like the C4 better than the C2), but the more I see of them, the more I think I like them, but that may be just that I want to like them aesthetically since I'm pretty sure I'll love them sonically. -Kirk

I heard both the C2 and the C4. I thought the C2 was a smaller version of the C4 with the same sonic signature just less bass. The C4 filled the huge room very ably. I was very impressed even after my fourth visit. Normally problems show up on the second visit. Some tubes would have made them sound better. An all star room!
Thanks guys. I am thinking of buying a pair of C4's. Your feedback is very helpful. I know that you should listen before you buy, but I bought the Contour 3.3 and these sounded fab. From my experience, and reviews, Dynaudion is an exceptional company that can be trusted!