Dynaudio C1 vs C2

What will the Dynaudio C2 give you over a C1 with a sub? You never read of a Dynaudio C2 being reviewed (except for an enjoythemusic.com review)but plenty of C1s getting acclaim. The C1 has awesome sonics and soundstaging,the C2 has a more polarizing look to them,but not sure of the sonics.

Is the Sapphire still limited to a 1,000 units? I thought I read a rumor that Dynaudio will debut a new speaker based on the Sapphire.
I just made that comparision at my dealer but without the sub. The reason for no sub was because both me and the dealer have Rel subs. The dealer and I find the bass from either the C1 or C2 is faster and tighter than the Rel. I did the comparision in hopes that if I upgrade my C1's to the C2's I would use a little less of the Rel. Last we used Nordost and Jps in the comparision.

The comparision
First the C2's are a little more efficient but at low but equal volumes neither of us could tell any difference. At moderate levels you could hear a little deeper bass but not $6k worth. At high volumes the C2's went deeper in the bass and louder. I mentioned speaker cables only because I found with the Jps superconductor3 and the deepest of bass notes they sounded a hair 'boomy'. Those cables seem to be a better match with a rel sub (need high level inputs which dyn still does not offer on its subs). The nordost had better timber and decay. So in my personal opinion at low to moderate listening levels the are almost the same. Since I dont listen at high levels very often for now I decided to keep the C1's.

Yes the Sapphire is still limited to 1000 copies and the only new speaker I know of and saw is the focus 360. To me the sapphire is more forward sounding in the midrange and bass compared to the confidence series.
IMO, Xti16 is right on spot..I own C4s and have heard the C1 vs C2.I really didnt care for the sapphire compared to the confidence line,again just my personal opinion.It seems the C1 is easier(watching ads on this forum) to sell as more prefer the monitor size I guess..for me I would go for C2s and skip the sub addition..enjoy!
IF I had the C4's yes I would get rid of the sub but from what listened to the sub would still be needed with the C2's but at a slightly lower crossover point. Only at high listening levels I may disconnect the sub
I agree wtih Xti16. I used a REL Storm III sub when I had my C2's and they sounded good together. When I upgraded to the C4's the sub was no longer necessary and was even detrimental in my moderate size room (15' x 21' x 7'). If I were in your shoes, I'd be inclined to try the C1 with a good sub before spending the extra benjamins for the C2's. However, if your room is large enough for C4's, they are a great speaker (I highly recommend some room treatments).
So the only difference between the C1 and C2 is not imaging or sound staging but volume?
I prefer the C2 over the C1, but neither need a sub when driven with appropriate amplification. The C2 is one of my personal favorites from Dynaudio, but to be quite honest, we sell C1's 10/1 over all other Confidence models.

I own the C1's and I chose to mate with dual subs. In my room I found it easier to blend them in and smooth out the bass. I would say I only use the subs maybe 50% of the time, though.
Why do you like C2s over the C1 TTowntony?
Mostly in terms of output, they are essentially two C1's.

As others have stated, there is very little difference at low volume levels between the two. But, if you have the room, the C2's provide a fuller sound at moderate to high volume levels.
Actually I've heard them side by side and in my opinion, the c2 has an even smoother treble response than the c1 ( ie rolled-off ). I liked it but I'm sure there are some recordings where I would look for that missing treble energy, the upside is that the c2 is even more forgiving than the c1 and to me actually casts a wider more holographic soundstage, bass is a little more authoritative in the mids and deeper in the lows.
Are you suggesting that the C2 is more forgiving and has a more rolled off treble sound than the C1?
Just want to make sure I am reading you right.

Yup, it actually surprised me, it was warmer, more syrupy in the top end