dynaudio c1 upgrade?

I'm considering upgrading dynaudio 1.3se to dynaudio c1 speakers. I'm using a krell 400xi amp and a rega saturn cdp which I plan to keep in place. I haven't heard the c1's. What and how much improvement can I expect with the c1's? Has anyone used similar equipment?

Thanks for any input.
Check out the Dynaudio owners forum on the AVS website. I am a member of that forum and there are quite a few C1 owners in the forum.

I also own the 1.3 SEs and they are also powered by the Krell KAV 300il (same as 400xi). It has always been a fantastic combo. I think the C1 will be a substantial improvement but at quite a bit more cost. Still the 1.3 SE is one of the best monitors that I have ever heard south of $5000.00 The Krell seems to nearly a match made in heaven for the Dyns exhibiting excellent detail, clarity and control.

Best of wishes.
1.3SE is a great, great speaker and that I owned for several years. The C1 is in the same vein, voicing-wise---but much more detail, bass, and resolution. its a significant upgrade imo.
I have a Krell KAV-2250 amp and a Krell 280p preamp driving my set of C1's and it sounds fantastic...silver cables are highly recommended to add even more speed, the C1's are so dark they will not sound bright.

Try the Focus 140's before you splurge on the C1's...see what you think then

Thanks for all the info. I'll have a look at that AVS site. I agree that krell 400 really brought the 1.3se's to their full potential after listening to plinius and sim audio.

Unfortunately the C1's are not available in my area to listen to and the 1.3se is very satisfying in all respects including bass, but if all the reviews are right and it is a "significant" upgrade.....I'll still have to listen before I buy. Skepticism. The 1.3se's are great. the c1 must be amazing.
I listened to a pair of Contour 1.4s side by side with my 1.3 SEs and was not impressed enough to buy them. The Focus 140s are sort of warm with a big midbass in comparison to both. The 1.3 SEs and 1.4s sound more accurate. The 1.3 SE hits deeper bass notes better than either.

The incredibe quality for the price of the 1.3 SE has kept me from pulling the trigger on C1s but I am sure that it will happen one day. Besides my 1.3 SEs are finished in piano black laquer and C1s in that finish are very, very expensive!

The Krell Dyn combo is hard to beat IMO. With the Dyns accuracy many amps sound too rolled off and soft in comparison.

I am glad that you enjoy your set up as much as I enjoy mine.


Very interesting comments about your experience with the Dyns...also Cwinfrey. I too have found that a Plinius amp (sa102) with my contour s3.4s and s5.4s made for a too warmish curtailed high end; seemed homogenized.I did find a great match with a Pass X250.5 and the S3.4s...the accuracy of that amp matched with the treble extension/potential of the s3.4s was incredible. Of course I had to change it all and i'm still trying to find my way home -lol.