Dynaudio C1 sig

I have a amp (devialet) WHO has a princip ( vote for S a m ) read more about that om devialet Web side. S a m is ( speaker activ. Matching) i mail with dynaudio WHO is skeptic about the princip, Can you dynaudio ovners write to dynaudio and Press Them a bit to get there speakers S a m ready, Thanks you, Finn from Denmark.
Has nothing to do with Dynaudio. Devialet needs to measure the speakers. And they won't do this unless enough people vote for them on the Devialet web site.
Sorry you are wrong , i get mail from devialet ,WHO explain me that they have talk with dynaudio ,and dynaudio Don,t. Want support S a m teknologi becorse they mean that S a m. Is not better , only it giv a different Sound. and that about 100 votes Don,t necesary se that side ( vote for Sam) and you Can se many speakers vith less than 100 votes. That why i say that if so many as possible wote to dyn and say they Want ther speakers S a m. Ready , mabye dyn Will do so .