dynaudio c1 serial numbers

do they exist? i bought a pair of c1's used on a'gon and can't find any serial numbers. anyone with c1's know about this? thanks.
There should be a small red sticker on the rear of the black bottom of each speaker.
I had a new pair that had a problem with the finish and when the new pair arrived about 2 weeks later I went to pack up the original pair and the little sticker off. What I'm saying is the come serial # stickers come off way to easy. You would think with a speaker in that price range they would engrave the serial # on the Dynaudio Confidence plate on the back and not an inexpensive sticker.
thanks. i saw those little red stickers but thought they couldn't be it. but i guess they are. strange.
Tanglewood..yes thats it...bar coded with # underneath it..D
the serial numbers are also at various points inside of the cabinet.
Xti16, Missioncoonery and Stricken:

Could you send the serial numbers and the date of purchase? I am attempting to figure out the manufacture date of a pair of C1's and the information would certainly help.

Thanks, Tailor3
Im not aware of a ser# dating list for Dynaudio..The C1 has not had upgrades so it shouldnt matter year of manufacture..If you do find a list let me know though..
Missioncoonery: Here is what I could find out. First, Dynaudio NA was less than helpful. I asked whether they could give me a manufacture date for the C1's if I had the serial numbers? Their answer - no, call Denmark. Then I asked for a phone number directly to a person in customer service there and was told to look at the Danish website. Really disapointing.

But independantly, I know the following:

C1 - serial numbers 519,841 and 519,842 are from the Stereophile review in November of 2007.

C1 - serial numbers 509,125 and 509,126 were purchased 4-months ago in India, and

C1 - serial numbers 514,327 and 514,328 were purchased sometime late in 2007 in Arizona.

I am not sure you can conclude anything from the above comments other than the NA customer service from Dynaudio isn't particulary good. I hope customers with service requests are having a different experience.
Yep,,Dynaudio is of no help...Does matter manufacture date of any of the Confidence line..no changes have been made..assuming the speaker hasnt been pushed or damaged theyre all the same..
Dynaudio serial numbers are sequential by the manufacturing date, just because the ones from India were purchased new 4 months ago(I doubt they were new) does not mean they manufactured 4 months ago, thay could have been manufactured 4 years ago. Dynaudio North America has always provided the absolute best service among manufacturers in this industry, sounds to me like it was someone that should not have answered the phone. What are the serial numbers, I am sorry but I did not see anywhere that you posted the serial numbers of the C-1's you purchased. Again the question is why do you want to know when they were manufactured?