Dynaudio C1 owners, please help

It would be much appreciated if you could vote for the C1 to get SAM, which is Devialet's active speaker matching technology. You don't need to own a Devialet to vote. I think there is value for all C1 owners in having this technology implemented so we can get feedback about how well it works. If it really is a game changer perhaps other amp makers will do something similar.

Heres the link for voting:
57 votes so far, we only need 43 more. Thanks in advance!
You are allowed 5 votes and these can all be used for one speaker. For those that are able to help please vote 5 times for the C1. Thanks!
Do you need a voter ID card?
I ovn dyn C1 sig, the ploblem is not 100votes , Noo it is dynaudio WHO don,t. Want. Devialet use ther speakers ,becorse dyn Don,t. Belive this Sam , i have. A. Mail from devialet that says the ploblem is dynaudio WHO dont Want play with devialet. My idea is write to dynaudio 100 times and mabye they chance ther filosofi , And Hello from Denmark .my name is finn
D1 signature is now SAM'd!

despite Owning the original C1 I am using the profile, since the speakers are almost identical (same cabinets and drivers, mk II/sig has a new coating on the tweeter and upgraded crossover components and upgraded internal wiring).

So far I would say the difference is subtle. I do not detect a big difference at the low end. Overall I would say the sound is more coherent, in other words I perceive the time alignment across the frequency range is subtly improved.

I would be interested in hearing the opinions of other C1 owners.
sorry for the typo in first line, obviously I meant C1 signature!