Dynaudio C1 + Mcintosh 275 amp, do they match?

I have a pair of Dynaudio C1, I would like to buy buy a Mcintosh 275 amp, do you guys think this tube amp give enough power for C1? or I should spend my money to somewhere else?
What kind of pre-amp should I use with them?

I love tube sound and listen female vocal music.
the C-1's will work with a 275, but to get them up and running they need power. I would recommend a pr of VTL 450's and a 5.5 pre amp.

I had these speakers in a second system, but only after I put them into my main listening room with 550 watts of tube power did i realize their exceptional potential.

good luck
I think that it might make a very nice pairing. Though the Dynaudio's are thought of as being "power hungry" I think that quality of electronics is more important. The C1 are not real efficient but the impedence curve does not have dramatic dips below 4 ohms. I have heard the 275 with my Special 25's (approx. 3db more sensitive) and it was nice without sense of needing more power. I really liked the VTL ST150 and have considered moving that in place of my belles 150A. I have also considered spending some time with the C1 or C2 in my home for a long audition and would consider the VTL 150 a great match, similar power to the Mac. 275.
i used the mc275 with passive gradient revolutions, and the hungry speakers did just fine...nearly as well as the mac 602...the 275 one of those rare products that more than deserves its reputation.
Dynaudios really should be run with Solid state electronics. They're not really made for tubes. Sim is a very good match.
Well, Chip Stern, who wrote a frothing-at-the-mouth rave review of the C1, used Rogue tube monoblocks with them.
I was at my local Dynaudio dealer (Pearl Audio, Portland OR) and was told the 275 would be a great match for the C1. They are also a McIntosh dealer and seemed very knowledgeable. He advised running two in mono if I go with the C2. My bet is you could even run the C4's in a medium sized room. Incidentally, I fell in love with the Confidence C4 ... man, what a sound. My long term plan is two MC-275's and a pair of C2's. The C4 is just a bit out of my sanity range.
I heard C1s with a Mac 275 at a dealer. My Clayton S-40 (all of 50 watts) did a much better job. Just as musical with more strength, power, speed, and control, particularly from the mids on down. My room is 15' x 20' x 8'. The pre I was using was a A.I. L2. I've also heard these speakers with a VTL 150. IMO it did not cut it either.
I'm driving my C1's beautifully with a "50 Watt" EL34-based Lectron tube amp.

Prior to owning my Lectron, I was driving the C1's with a Simaudio I-7 Solid State (150 Watt) Integrated Amp.

I've had no problems driving the C1's with either or these amps. Somehow I think it's more complicated than saying "they're not made for tube amps".

I've lived with a Mcintosh 275 and C1 for the better part of a year, I would say the 275 drove the Dynaudio adequately in terms of dynamics and bass but ideally I think the c1 really does need double that, around 150 watts> to really start cooking, I replaced the c1's lately with larger more sensitive speakers and you can really hear the difference in the dynamics, loudness.

Soundwise, tonality and timbre were pretty wonderful, imaging was great too, I think ideal would be two in monoblock configuration to drive the c1.
I have a Mc 6600 coming in that i can try on a pair of C1s and report back if you guys are interested.

as far as the OP, really depends on room size. i don't find the C1s need the near the amount of power that some on this board think. they are a pretty tame impedance curve.
Anyone know how the new Living Legend Limited Edition MC275 sounds with the C1s??? I am thinking of picking one up ... the green glow looks cool ;-)
I was driving C1 with Plinius (SS 200 Wpc). Now I'm using Mastersound - tube amp, SE, 30W, class A, and I don't need anything more. You should hear it.
I have briefly compared a Mastersound Due Trenta SE Integrated Amp with the MC275 when I was auditioning the Harbeth SHL5 at a local dealer. The Trenta just drove the Harbeths to another level with impressive timbre, transparency, dynamics and musicality.
I second Jkuc's recommendation on the Mastersound in the tube amps category.