Dynaudio c1 confidence vs magico v2

I have a room with 3x5mts ,dynaudio c1 confidence ayon cd5s mcintosh mc601 monoblocks amplifier, i want a better speaker, two options dynaudio c4 confidence and magico v2, your apreciations please
C1 or C4? I owned the C1 before the V2. There is really no comparison. The V2 is so much more resolving in every regard. That being said, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the C1. I have my V2 in a small room as well. The lack of any port really helps with low frequency room loading. The C1's sound like they have more bass (a lot more) as the rear firing port was very troublesome for my room. I would say the C1 (and dynaudios in general) are more forgiving and "warm" sounding if that is what you want. 2 totally different sounding speakers both of which have their limitations. Have not heard the C4 or C2 for that matter.
I don't know about the Magico but as a C1 owner I think your room is too small for the C4's. My room is 3.5m X 8m with the speakers on the long wall. I had the C2's for a while and it was a wall of sound. The 'wall of sound' was just too different for me in my room but at the dealer the C2's sounded so much better than the C1's. Granted the C4 is even better but really needs space to sound the best.

That's my personal opinion but if there is any way of listening to them first in a room similar in size I would do that first.
my room is really small as well 3,5m x 4,5m but the magico v2's work extremely well. if you want the speakers sound warm and punch, it absolutely depends on your amps - both pre and power. Comparing the C1's and V2's is no way as the V2's are in a different league.

I used to use MBL 121's in my system, bass is absolutely great. If you want to consider stand mounted speakers then thinking about new MBL's 126 or the older one 121's. I hope this help.