Dynaudio C1 Bass


I've been playing around with my Dynaudio C1 for quite a while (11 months to be exact) and still found it a bit shy of lower bass. This experience seems to contradict with all the good reviews that I read about this small speaker. I'm using Pass Labs X350.5. Sources include Meridian 588 and Esoteric X-01 Limited SACD.

The C1s should extend flat to about 40hz. Have you measured them?

They are a great sounding speaker, but by no means will they do the 20-40hz octave. Just not gonna happen with 1 7" mid/bass driver
Hi Amater,

By "nearer-to-the-back-wall", do you mean I should move the speakers closer to the rear wall to enhance the bass. By bass, I'm talking about 60-80Hz. It seems that my pair got a cutoff point at around 80Hz. Would moving closer to rear wall blurring the definition of the bass?

Try to move closer to side walls as well, if too close you may get boom and loose definition. I have listened to the C1 alot and also the special 25. Though the 25 has a little fuller bass the C1 is no slouch. If however your looking for hard rocking power I don't think you will get it. You should however have a nice tight smooth bass to 40hz at least. I would keep working on position. My Special 25's improvement was dramatic once position was dialed in. Also, what stand are you using? I found that to be very important. I really like the Dynaudio stand.
After buying the C1s I noticed more differences in the frequency range of the records. Some of them simply do not contain (enough loud) lover frequencies, heard as "bass", while the others do. However, you can simply (but not cheaply) solve your problem by buying a subwoofer.
Wilmak - yeah, if you are missing bass in the 60 - 80hz range, then it is a 95% chance you've got a room-induced bass suckout with your current position.

Spend some time moving the speakers all over the place and testing, and also moving yourself around to see where in the room the bass is heavier. Rooms can easily do +/- 15 DB in the bass based on acoustics.

Can you measure the frequency response? There is free software called "roomeqwizard" and I believe all you need is a radio shack spl meter that will work as a microphone with it do to a complete freq response chart. That would def. shed more light
I heard some audiophile comments saying that C1 requires an extensive run in period like 6-9 months with 8 hours playing time per day. Before that, you cannot have descent bass. Any comments on that?
I don't think any speaker will take 6+ months to break in. I have owned many Dyn in the past, they do loosen up after about 100+ hours. Yes, they might improve over time but should not take 6+ months.
"extensive run in period like 6-9 months with 8 hours playing time per day. Before that, you cannot have descent bass."

A blatant lie. Play them overnight for a couple days and you will have "decent bass" as you say.

You haven't really answered these questions...

1. Can you measure them? 1 measurement chart would tell the complete story instantly. Go buy a radio shack SPL meter for $20 or whatever

2. Have you experimented with placement?
I have owned my C1's for about two months now and they have rock solid bass down to the mid 30 hz. range.
Right out of the box they had much more bass output and extension than my previous much larger floorstanding Canton Vento 809's.
The problem sounds like a room/phase related issue.
Going to borrow a radio shack spl from my friend and do some tests next week. But will first try to move around the speakers this weekend.

I've borrowed the radio shack spl from my friend. But I encountered some technical difficulties on using the meter.

1. Where can you find the cable for connecting the meter to the PC? It is basically a RCA to the PC mini plug.

2. I'm not sure how to setup the meter. For example, there are the 'Range', 'db' and 'fast/slow' settings that I couldn't figure out the correct combinations of them.

3. On the software usage, could you give me some quick tips or tricks as well.

Thanks a lot
Wilmak, what about the stands you are using? I heard same monitor speakers on different stands sounding very different, including the bass extension.
Dynaudio makes the stand, are you using it?
Hi Wilmak - Detailed instructions for using RoomEQWizard and setting up the meter can be found here:


Radio shack should have whatever cables you need

I'm Wilmak's friend with the Radio Shack meter; can a stereo plug be used with the software ? I understand the phono plug on the meter is mono only
A pair of transmission line subs is what you need.
I had a pair of Dynaudio 1.8MKII's and built a pair for them.
The C1's really need a very good sub.
Maybe Ronnie at Carolina Audio could build you a pair.
There is no way around this.
Once you hear a good tranny sub their is no way to do without.

The problem is your amp, not the speakers. The C1's can and do make bass & they sound truly amazing for a bookshelf speaker.
02-24-07: Tony007
The problem is your amp, not the speakers. The C1's can and do make bass & they sound truly amazing for a bookshelf speaker.

Pass X350.5 lacks bass drive?

I don't encounter any lack of bass with my X250.5, which is 100w/ch less than X350.5, so I'll respectfully disagree.
Hello all! I am planning on getting the C1's in a few weeks. My dealer recommends the Arcam intergrated FMJ A32 amp to power the speakers (100 wpc). What do you guys think of his suggestion? Is 100wpc enough,should I be looking at something with a little more muscle? Are there other amplifiers you would recommend instead? Thanks for your time, Ken.
I have owned the Arcam Alpha 10 which should be very similiar to the FMJ A32. In my opinion, the Arcam won't have enough power to drive the C1's to optimum owing to the fact that Dynaudio drivers are often difficult to be driven with their lowish sensitivity and impedance(4 ohms). Also, it depends on your room size and on how loud you normally listen to your music. Arcam gears being on the smooth and mellow side won't be able to provide the dynamic swings in music with the C1's. If your musical tastes lean towards transparency and dynamics I would personally look at amps that are more upfront.

Going back to the original question regarding bass capablities of the C1's, all bookshelves have their limitations so don't expect subterranean deep bass out of those small drivers. Miracles just don't happen. The specs of them going down to 45Hz are often misleading. My PMC LB1's specs say they go down to 35Hz but in actual case they roll-off at around 55Hz or so.
Originally I was using a 100 wpc Mcintosh Integrated amp and it just did not let the C1's perform at their full potential. After switching to a Krell that more than doubles the output of the Mac into 4 ohms it is a whole different experience. I would not hesitate to use a high quality/high current amp that can produce 500 watts or more per channel into 4 ohms with these speakers. It seems like a lot of dealers feel that smaller amps work ok, but they really will not let you truly experience the incredible sound they can provide.
Wow, I just talked to my dealer today and he flat out told me again that the A32 with 100 wpc is more than enough power to handle these guys!! I don't know if he is giving me a line and just trying to sell me his product or if he really doesn't have a clue as to what is needed (power wise) to make the C1's sound at their best. Thanks for your help on all this!!