Dynaudio c-2 ...amp advice Mcintosh or simaudio

I have Dynaudio C-2 with dual 15 inch Rythmik subs and would like advice on matching with a Mcintosh 402 amp. Does Mcintosh with dynaudio C-2 have synergy or is Simaudio 1-7 or w-5 the way to go. I see Simaudio match withdynaudio on previous post. Thanks in advance.
I have no experience with Mcintosh but my local dealer had the Sim line when I listened to C1's C2's and C4's. Great control but overly detailed in my opinion. I found myself not listening to the music but rather all the detail. Some folks love that sound but not me. FWIW that dealer has since dropped the Sim lineup and replaced it with Burmester and Octave. I settled on the Octave V70SE for my C1's.
I ran a 402 w/C4s..worked well but Pass Labs is a much better fit ,IMO
I've owned C2's and C4's. Tried the C4's with Sim W-6 monoblocks, thought they were very analytical, lacked musicality and quickly sold them. While I've never tried McIntosh gear with Dyn speakers, I have used their tube gear with Harbeth speakers and think Mac gear is superior to Sim. Strongly recommend you try a quality tube amp.
Mac is better
I don't understand the common Dyn/Sim combo at all. Dreadful analytical sound imo.
IMO I agree..Sim and Dynaudio..sucks!!!
What preamp did you use with the mc-402. I was thinking of using a mac tube preamp.
I echo Missioncoonery. While on vacation I auditioned the Confidence line on a Pass Labs X350.5. I thought they worked very well together. I purchased the C1's for my small listening room. I have an X350 at home and even though my listening room has gotten smaller I can not give it up. It will just work in mostly class A at my listening levels.
I pick up the mc-402.. what a difference over my previous amp cambridge 840w. Now I need a pre to replace my cambridge 840e. Should I stay with Mcintosh tube C-220 or try other brands?
Think you can do better than the C-220. Consider Aesthetix Calypso with NOS tubes (approx $2,400 used).
I totally disagree with the simaudio bashing that is going on. Personally, I auditioned some of the Mac gear (MC501s) and went with the simaudio W8 and 850P. I thought the Simaudio gear blew away the McIntosh.
Dserota17, you are totally reading it wrong,we are not bashing Sim audio at all and no one has gone there.The question in review is "Sim with Dynaudio" and that is our comments.Sim and Dyn dont go flow well together is the point.
Itis all a matter of taste. I had a pair of Dynaudio C1 driven by Simaudio I-7 integrated and Supernove cd player. It sounded quite nice to me. However, cable matching was very critical.
Try tubes for some real fun... I was driving Special 25's with an MC402 for a bit, and then switched over to the VTL ST-150. It had all the power I needed, tight bass control, great midrange and very nice highs. It's a common audio myth that Dyn's don't like tubes...

Oh and the best part was the VTL was half the price of the Mac. (And I used to be an Mac fanboy, with 2 MC7270's, MC2255, MC352 and lastly the MC402.)

Some of the best sound I've ever heard has been Sim on Dyns. Definitely not a combo to write off based on other people's experiences.

Highly recommended IMO - open, airy, excellent sound
This has been helpful... I now own the C1s and trying to find a powerful integrated that is synergistic on these speakers. I heard the Boulder 865 on them and was very impressed but it's beyond my budget. Any thoughts or experiences with the C1s would be appreciated.
why not to try ayre.Or any other which can provide clean musical sound