Dynaudio burn in time and how you do it...

Hi Folks,
I just bought a pair of dealer demo (10 hours on them at most...) Excite X 16 Dynaudio speakers, and am wondering how long Dyn's take to burn in, and how you've done it. I have the Ayre/Cardas burn in CD and don't understand which track is good for speaker burn in. Have any of you used it? Or how do you burn your speakers in? Will there be big differences in the Dynaudio's after burning in? Thanks for any input...Brian.
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Martin Logan states in the manual of my Classic ESL 9’s that their bass drivers need to loosen up and the sound may seem to lack bass during the first 75 hours or so. My experience confirms this, there was definitely a significant change for the better in the sound quality but it’s hard for me to tell how much time it took until the sound stabilized, especially considering that the amplifier was also new.
Anyone who doesn’t believe in speaker  break in is a straight up fool. Or trolling for  attention.

Probably also believes the world is flat.
I agree that they will take a good while before sounding their best.  I recently auditioned a pair of Evoke 20 in the local shop and the dealer turned it off after 2 min as we both heard shrill and congested sound with no stage at all.  He had just removed them from the box.  He also sells Magico and part of the service when is actually putting the 200 hours on them in the back room before delivery so when they arrive they are ready to rock!
shrill in sound means only one thing - system mismacth.And usually low-fi ,(cheap speakers paired with good amp) with bad crossover reproduce such sound:)
Life is too short burn in speakers for 500hours:) Better don't buy dynaudio if you don't have high current amp or you will have to burn speaker all your lifetime:) 
Yes from my experience they need burn-in time. For my Sapphires, Dynaudio specifies several weeks running in.
As to amplification, the user manual states: 

quote: Also, as the Sapphire has a relatively high sensitivity, even high quality amps with a low power rating can drive the loudspeaker to yield excellent results. Unquote.

Not sure where the myth originates, that Dynaudios only sound good with high current amps.