Dynaudio breakin period

How long before a Dynaudio speaker breaks in?

I have some BM6 speakers,they have the "better" tweeter on them,but they seem to lack air a bit,treble extention, compared to some other speakers I have,so I know my system can deliver.

Any thoughts to this?


I have the C1's and they sounded great right out of the box. At approx 100 they sounded just horrible. About 50 hrs later they started to improve. At 250 hrs they sounded good again but at 350 hrs they are at their best. I also ran mine 7/24 out to 400 hrs.
are they being used in the recommended 'nearfield' position?
My experience with Dynaudio and ATC, never ever judge them before a good 500 to 1000 hours on them. If you don't have that kind of patience (I don't) set them up facing each other (almost touching) with one speaker wired out of phase and play them for a couple of weeks then set up and enjoy...

"are they being used in the recommended 'nearfield' position? "

yes,small livingroom.

I'll run em in some more.

At least 250 hours. Then the tweeters will still get better.

When running these speakers in,how loud does it have to be?

I can run them at low levels 24/7 in my basement, soft background like...

Or,are we taking -ONLY- normal listening levels for break-in?
They'll get better faster, the louder you play them. Lots of bass is good too.
They won't change much but perhaps your hearing will adjust. Sonic memory takes a while for you to adjust to how your favorites (well known tracks) now sound.
I used to have the Contour 1.3SE and after a couple of years of using it I tried to run a burn-in CD for a week out of curiosity. Although not big there was a definite improvement in the speed and texture of bass notes. I listen at soft to moderate volumes so I guess the Dyn's never got the chance to fully break-in till I ran that CD.

When I replaced the 1.3SE with the C1 first thing I did was break it in with that CD.
Quote:"They won't change much but perhaps your hearing will adjust. Sonic memory takes a while for you to adjust to how your favorites (well known tracks) now sound."

I see your point and agree its a factor in some situations.

BUT.....and a big humoungous but..

My Arcam CD192 player took a couple of months to break in and I know it wasnt just my hearing,I almost returned it,I was really bummed,but it did, finally did sound great after two months of use! but I do understand your point. I own different speakers,all good,and it takes me awhile to get used to them again. They all have their specific qualities,and I re-adjust.

Dyn owners and Dynaudio Inc. say you must break-in their products,this was true with the Arcam,so theres merit to this fee-na-mee-nom.

We shall see.

I hope they do break-in and sound totally bitchin.
Are these the active ones or passive?
passive ones..
ok, I owned C4's awhile back and thought they were pretty good. Dyn's do have a different take on high frequencies however. Most people hear a slightly shelved down aspect or less shimmer to the highs. It's subtle and system dependant in some respects, but all things being equal, Dyn's have a dryer less vibrant top end as opposed to a Totem for example. In any case they are still very musical speakers and can open up considerably after a lengthy breakin.