Dynaudio Audience vs. Contour

I currently have Audience 62s and 42c. Would I see a major improvement with Contour center and 1.3s? Are the drivers different?

I just pick up a pair of Contour 1.3mkII and they are outstanding speakers. The contour line has better drivers and much better cabinet construction. I heard a major difference between the two models.
I have the a82's, 42w, and 122c and am happy with the sound. A friend of mine works for dynaudio and when deciding on what model to buy he personally encouraged the audience line do to the price. He also owns the audience series and informed me that they are of similar design, but that the contour does have a little beter driver and a crossover but not enough to justify the big price jump. The newer audience models have a real wood cabinet now.
Thx momofdom2. I too like the audience sound.
Hi, John:

I would say, a resounding yes based on my experience. I owned the Audience 70s for two years and moved to the 1.3SEs. From top to bottom, the 1.3SEs are superior performers in every way. I also had the Audience center (120C) and decided it was not necessary with the 1.3s. You might use your center for a while and experiment with it.

I agree with others that the Audience line offers an excellent value compared to the Contours. Check the used listings here and you can find near mint examples for 40% off and better which certainly helps the wallet.:)



I own both the Audience (Audience 50) and the Contours (1.3MKII). I have often moved out the contours to other room and put the audience as the fronts. Though the Audience is a good speaker by itself, I personally like the contours as my main fronts. If there was a way to calculate the sound pleasure/cost ratio then maybe the audience 50 would have a higher ratio then the contour. But in the audio science I guess this ratio is not a linear equation. If you have the money go for the contours if not the audience won't dissapoint you either.