Dynaudio Audience setup?

which setup would be better: 122s and 122c or 62s and 42c? and why?
The 122's, if its not obvious the superior center channel alone is enough reason to get the first group.

Feel free to use 62's or 72's with 122c also.

But all 122's makes a nice sounding system I have set up a few systems with 5-7 122's and it is outstanding music and film system.

122's on their own as a stereo pair miss a little bass output versus 62's and 72's.
Thanks for the response.
I use Dynaudio 70s for the main left and right, and 122C for the center. They blend very well and disappear during movies. I am just now experimenting with SACD and DVD-A, so I can't speak to that. I will soon purchase 42W for the surrounds instead of my Paradigm Atoms. I love Dynaudio speakers. I have even looked around to upgrade, but I can't find another speaker whose sound is more pleasing. I can listen to them for hours. Good luck!