DynAudio Audience 82 will it match with Excite X22

Found a dealer closing out unopened stock of Audience speakers and have reserved new in the box DynAudio Audience 82 speakers for front R/L. I can also pick up their Audience 42C and Audience 52 for rear R/L (Was wanting Audience 122 C for center channel). If I go this route I'm matching drivers. However I'm interested in Excite X22 since they would be similar to Audience 122 C. My concern is will the sound be matched between the Audience 82's and the Excite X22? Any advice would be welcomed.
I think I'd play it safe and go with the Audience series all around. The importance of matching drivers all around cannot be emphasized enough. It will result in a much more cohesive soundstage and more seamless transitions from side to side and front to back....