Dynaudio Audience 82 vs Paradigm Reference 100 V3

Has anyone had the opportunity to listen to both of these speakers. I know Dynaudios are awesome speakers and the Paradigms have been given very good reviews.

The Dynaudio Audience 82s are also about 1.5 times the price of the Paradigm Reference 100 V3s. I'm wondering where the dollar is better spent.
Trust your ears. They sound completely different. You need to audition them.
I know it is not the same, but I owned dynaudio audience 52 and paradigm reference 40 v3 back to back and the dynaudio cleaned the paradigms clock! Paradigm studio speakers can sound cold and boring in the wrong system.
Hang in there; I know it can be hard making such tough decisions.
Thanks Drew,
I actually auditioned both sets. Of course they were in different shops with different equipment attached. So I'm hoping someone heard both in the same environment. I'm actually partial towards the Dynaudios.

I actually prefer the Dynaudios but was not able to make a good comparison like you did. Thanks for your support, it really is tough trying to make the best decision. Your experience may help to make my decision easier.

I guess my question is, is the difference in sound equal to the difference in price? Drew may be right, the ears will tell.