Dynaudio Audience 72SE

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Hello. I just bought a pair of these for $1500 NEW IN BOX factory sealed. Sounded like a good deal. I own some Dyns already and plan to own more. Anyone firmiliar with this model that can let me know what to expect as I haven't received them yet? I will be using a Wadia Source and a Jolida JD-1000 RC.

I know the system is a little off balance for now but I plan to purchase the C1s but these will tide me over for now. Anyway, feel free to add any info or experiences you have with the 72SE.

Many Thanks
I have owned many Dynaudio speaker models for the past 15 years. I now use Dynaudio Temptation speakers in my main system. I also own a pair of Focus 140. I owned the Audience 72SE about 6 years ago. I believe a pair of Focus 140's retails for about $2200. The sound quality of the 140 is head and shoulders above the 72SE. Just no comparison. Clarity, focus, soundstage, tonality and accuracy are all significantly better. The midrange is purer. The highs are more extended, airier and sweeter. The bass of the 140 is not as extened down low (20-35hz), but the bass that is there is cleaner, deeper, and much better defined.

Sorry. Hope this doesn't deflate your expectations.
Thanks for your response. I bought a pair of Focus 140s and can see what your saying. I've had them for a few months and they are starting to come into their own. The 72SEs I bought until I can afford the C1s. I was surprised how much more I like them than my B&W 703s though. I am really looking forward to the BIG upgrade within the next 8-10 months.
I do not own the C1s but have heard them on two completely different systems: one tube-based and one solid-state. The C1s are another incremental step-up from the 140s. If you like the 140s, you are going to be extremely happy with the C1s.
One note: if you have the opportunity, audition the C1s in your system. There is no substitute for the audition. Room configuration and acoustics, wall and window treatments, etc., may have a dramatic effect on the speakers' room output and the frequency response that reaches your ears.
Best of luck in your search. Enjoy the holidays.