Dynaudio Audience 52se anyone give em a listen?

Supposedly using the Esotar tweeter and the mid range/bass driver found in the 1.3 MK 11 but how do they sound?
20' x 13' room, Naim Nait 5i integrated and a Jolida JD 100 stock tube CD player. Trying to simplify..
I listened to the Audience 52's for a short time a couple years ago and was impressed..52se worth it?
Yes,I've listened them for a short time at local represent-
ative in Zagreb,Croatia.My friends who work there rate
them as the best value for the money,as a clear leader in
the class.
But tweeter is ESOTEC,not ESOTAR which is their best and
you can find it in most prestige Dynaudio models.
Esotec is a standard part of more expensive Contour serie.
I bought a pair to go with my Linn Classik-K, they are great speakers, a lot of speakers for the money. They come close to my Totem Mani-2 ($4K). I have them close to the wall with the port plugs installed. Bass is tight and the
treble is just adictive. I use Kimber's 8-TC with them. As with any fine speaker, they do sound better with the grilles off. Check out this month issue of The Absolute Sound, they highly recommend them.
i got them for my 50" Fujitsu Plasma in my family room.....very impressed. they are mated with the Rotel RSX-1056 reciever and it makes a great combo.

these 52SE's have remarkable clarity and dynamic snap.
Ordered a pair...should be here in 9 days!
Thanks for all your input!