Dynaudio Audience 52 SE or B&W 705

I think is the same old dilemma but with new models – B&W or Dynaudio!
My bedroom is significant small – 13’x10’x8’ and the budget is around $ 1500.
I thought to buy a pair of the new B&W 705s but then understood there is a new model of Dynaudio Audience 52 SE on the market.
Unfortunately I still had no chance to listen to the A52 SE.
Has anybody of you had that chance and how do you rate it compared to B&W 705 and Dynaudio Contour 1.1.
Which is the best buy for the $1.5 K – B&W 705 or Dynaudio’s Contour 1.1 or Audience 52 SE.
My equipment is not the best in the world and may be I’ll have to upgrade it too after the speakers purchase. But here is my list:
Arcam CD 72, NAD C 320, custom made cables.
I prefer mostly rock music (hard and heavy) and techno/electronics on occasion.

I schould go for the dynaudio cause i've got dynaudio
audience 40 and b&w cdm 1nt's speakers, the b&w's are more
detailed and has a higher sensitivity ( they play louder), the little dynaudio is better for smaller places ( less soundstage ).
Dyna's...no question about it, they are in a different league.
Interesting. I was looking to buy the 705's a couple of weeks ago and the salesguy told me to listen to the 705's and the new Dynaudio 52SE. Please note that I am very new at this whole audio thing, but for what it's worth I liked the Dynaudio more. I brought Allegri's Miserere and Everything but the Girl's Tempermental to listen to. The 52 speakers had a fuller sound, and the female voices just sounded nicer. I found the 705's made the female voices sound kind of shrill..Since I listen to mostly female vocalists I left the store quite please to have been introduded to the Dynaudio. Will most likely go back to buy them.
I just listened to the Dynaudio 52SE's and the B&W 701's in a side by side test. To my ear, the B&W's were overwhelming and bright. The 52s offered a much more detailed and refined sound. I also noticed that the 52's managed the high notes much cleaner. For Opera, Jazz and classical, I'd go with the 52's.
You cannot go wrong with the Dynaudios in my oppinion. The B&Ws are okay but not in the same league as the Dyns.. Good Luck with your decision.

What would be your response to having a the 52SE's as the front right and left in a home theater system. IT would of course include the 122c center channel speaker.

I've been looking into the dynaudio lineup and have been wanting to have a monitor style speaker. These would be replacing a set of NHT 2.9's.

Anyone have any thoughts?
I, too, would highly recommend the Dynaudio 52SE over the B&W model.

I recently heard the Dynaudio 52 (not SE version) with a Cayin TA-30 (30W/ch using EL34 output tubes). The CDP was a Cambridge Audio (forgot model number). The Cayin-Dynaudio combination was very delightful indeed! Very natural sound, realistic highs, plenty of bass from such a bity speaker (rear port gets that credit). I think that you'll be much happier long-term w/ the Dynaudio. FWIW. IMHO.
Check out the B&W 805's. Used, they are in your price range. These are great small speakers. Open, fluid, detailed. Phenomenal. I've never heard the Dynaudio's, so I won't comment.