Dynaudio Audience 52's for front channels .

I am looking for WAF front channel speakers for HT use. An audio store recommended these speakers stating that they could go
onto a shelf on the wall. I listened to them in a demo room and they sounded pretty good, although they were not on a shelf mounted on the wall!
Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this set-up ?
Thank you.
I've bought these speakers for the fronts on my HT system (not yet installed), but I also bought stands for them to flank the cabinet which houses the electronics. The dealer felt they would be fine even on top of the cabinet if I got a longer cabinet, but I just wanted the stands in case I wanted to listen to audio. Moving the stands at my dealer's setup back against the wall resulted in a loss of depth on audio only material, but nothing I cared about with movies, and maybe a slightly "fuller" bass, which perhaps could be ameliorated with a higher sub crossover--again, nothing that troubled me with movies. However, I am pretty sure that Dynaudio makes in and on-wall versions of these speakers, though I think they might cost more. You might ask your dealer about them.
I take it back, they make an on-wall version of the Audience 42, as well as an in-wall speaker, but it's not the 52. I liked the 42s, but after hearing the 52s felt they were worth the extra money.
I have the Audience 70 floor standers and have listened extensively to the 52s. I love my Dyns. I just bought a pair of Von Schweikert VR-1s for another system in a small room. They passed the WAF die to their beautiful finish and they sit in a bookshelf. In spite of that they have a very open and spacious sound and are very detailed. They may fit your requirements too. Good luck!