Dynaudio Audience 52 or Quad 12L?

I'm trying to decide between Dynaudio A52's and Quad 12L's. Anyone compared the two and have an opinion to share? I have listened to the Quad 12L's and Dynaudio Contour T2.5 but not the Audience series. I listen to many types of music. Power amp is undecided at the moment.
I think you could be very happy with either speaker. Both are very nice. Another I highly recommend is the Linn Katan.

I have owned the 12L and the Audience 50. I didn't care for the occasional treble glare in the 50s but that may be resolved in the 52s. The Quads tweeter is very nice and detailed but not overly etched in my opinion. Bass is nice on both. The Quads had a dryer midrange to my ears, with the 50s being just a bit more forward. Both resolve well.

I ended up selling my Quads for Linn Katans which, to me, make the music come alive. Not by more bass or highs but by musical tone. Is hard to describe but if you get a chance you may want to try the Katan also. If you do, listen to the tune of the song, not just the sound of the drivers in comparison. I'm hooked.

I would strongly recommend hearing Green Mountain Europas before you make a final purchase....
You may also want to give the Green Mountain Audio Europa a look-see. You can do a search on this web site for comments. Everyone I've talked to raves about this speaker. Better yet go to http://www.greenmountainaudio.com and give Roy Johnson a call or send him an email. He is a great guy and knows his stuff big time!
I also had the same dilemma. I am now the happy owner of the 12L's. I would say the 52's are closer to the 11L's in most aspects, but overall i'd choose either Quad over the 52.
hello everybody,
I'm looking for 4 of thoses Quad 12 L loudspeakers.
Those or :
- Diapason Micra III or Prelude III (bigger)
- Castle Trent II
What do u think ?
Do someone sell its Quad 12 L ?

Eric from France