Dynaudio Audience 42 ot Triangle Titus with Rotel

I'm getting ready to put together my office system. I have a Rotel 971 integrated and CD player that I'm going to use. Wires will be Analysis Plus biwire Oval 9s and Luminous Audio Synchestra Sig IC. All these are left overs that I failed to get the urge to resell. I found a nice pair of Dynaudio 42s on Agon, or might try Triangle Titus. Which would you pick or other $500 or less speaker would you pick?
I would pick the Dynaudios. Paired with the Rotel, the Triangles will sound way clinical and even bright which will ruin the music. Whatever monitor you choose, I would make sure it has a soft dome tweeter.. IMHO the Dynaudios are a perfect choice.

I would agree with Chris and his post above. The Titus sounds it's best when driven with tubes, especially SET's in the 10-20 w.p.c class. It will surprise you with it's
speed, clarity, and detail, but can get edgy with a lot solid state gear.
Thanks guys,I thoight that might be the response, but wanted some experienced ears to assist me since there no dealers for either here. Now if the Dyn owner/seller would just respond to my Email.
You may also want to consider the pair of JM Reynaud Twin MK II's that showed up on A-goN for $395 this morning. I've never heard them, but they have a good reputation and at that price, you could always re-sell for little/no loss. BTW, I don't know the seller either.....