Dynaudio Audience 10 - where to go from here?

I got my hands on a pair of Dynaudio Audience 10's some months ago, and I've been very impressed with what they deliver, considering they're bookshelf speakers, all be it, relatively chunky ones. And when I found out they're the better part of 20 years old, I was even more impressed!
They reach very low, and their imaging, importantly for me as I use them at my desk atm, even near field, is fantastic - that old phrase with "the speaker disappears" suits these!
However, now that I've seen what small speakers can do, I naturally want more! I could use a hint more treble sparkle, and even lower frequencies (though I find it hard to belive many small speakers will be able to reach much lower than these), with a generally crisp/agressive, but weighty sound.
I'm currently looking at used Focal Electra's, Avalon Monitors, Sonus Faber Electa Amator Mk2 and the obvious: higher end more modern Dynaudio's...
But I don't know these speakers all that well, and I'm very unsure how well the Audience 10's compare to these modern offerings. They seemed to hold their own against Kef IQ30 which I tried; the Kef had more clear treble and resolution, but were too bright in the end. And even against big speakers like JBL Ti10K they still have their strengths, like their full sounding midrange, and clear, but never harsh treble (though in the grand scheme of things they were obviously steamrolled by the big JBL's, but still, for their size, I thought they did well).

In the end, I need advice, guidance on whether its worth "upgrading", and what I should aim for... 

For those curious, I use a 100w Thule Spirit AI100 amp (but can upgrade if need be), and have a budget around 2000$, give or take a thousand if need be.

Do you have any Dynaudio dealers where you could listen to the newer models? Dyn speakers have gotten much better with the newer models. Even the recently discontinued Focus are a great value for the money like the 160.
Thank you for responding!
Not one where I can bring my own speakers in to compare - which I'd like to, to evaluate exactly how much better the new ones are, since the Audience 10 generally seems to hold its ground well against a lot of other current stuff I've compared it to, like recently a B&W CM3.
I have owned a Contour S1.4 before, and loved it, but it was too early in my hifi-life to really have a good idea of how much better it was... But I do know it remains one of my favorites, which is why I've been looking at trying to find a pair again, or even a Confidence C1 if possible (But there are a lot of scammers in the cheap end of the market it turns out).

The thing that is holding me back from the C1 is mostly that I'm unsure if it has the same full sound that the Contour does, but just with more clarity, or if it sacrifices weightyness/low end, to sound clearer.

The main reason (and this is silly/petty, I know) I havent given extensive thought to the Focus, is that as a design student, I'm a bit of a sucker for unusual designs, and the Focus is about as bogstandard boxy as it gets :)